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14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

Los Angeles is a sprawling Southern California city and the center of the nation’s film and television industry. Near its iconic Hollywood sign, studios such as Paramount Pictures, Universal and Warner Brothers offer behind-the-scenes tours. On Hollywood Boulevard, TCL Chinese Theatre displays celebrities’ hand- and footprints, the Walk of Fame honors thousands of luminaries and vendors sell maps to stars’ homes.

  • Area: 1,302 km²
  • Elevation: 93 m
  • Founded: 4 September 1781
  • Weather: 10 °C, Wind SW at 0 km/h, 76% Humidity
  • Local time: Thursday, 4:05 am
  • Population: 39.7 lakhs (2019)
  • Mayor: Eric Garcetti

Top 14 Things to Do in Los Angeles with Kids – Big 7 Travel


With its sunny weather, cultural institutes, beaches, and amusement parks, there are plenty of fun things to do in Los Angeles with the kids. Whatever your interests, throughout Los Angeles, there are activities for the entire tribe to suit all ages. Whether you rave with young children or teenagers, you will never be bored in the City of Angels. Are you looking for the best things to do in Los Angeles? Look no further. We’ve put together a selection of unique activities for kids of all ages.

Los Angeles with kids: fun things to do

1. Venice Beach

From Malibu to Long Beach, there are 75 miles of coastline to explore in LA LA Land. There is no shortage of beaches. Venice Beach is a great area to explore with kids as there is so much to see and do. He would not pimp only the sea and the sand. The streets more or less of Venice Beach are fun and quirky, with many exciting shops and cool places to eat. Watch borders jump, move and do all sorts of tricks at the skate park, then enjoy impressive fitness demonstrations at Muscle Beach. It is why you should go if you want to do training in the sun. Of course, you can enjoy the beach with its miles of sand and go for a dip or surf the waves. Venice is indeed a great beach destination in Los Angeles.

14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

2. Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal CityWalk

Kids will love being a part of their favorite movies and mingling with their favorite TV characters on the Universal Studios ride. The centennial studio’s main hobby is the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. For Potterheads, this is a magical and wonderful experience. The Jurassic World ride is great fun, and kids can mingle with digital dinosaurs as the movie is filmed in front of their fans. 3D movies, theater shows, rides, and attractions are dedicated to The Simpsons, The Minions, Transformers, and King Kong. It is one of the best places in Los Angeles for kids, as it is little for all ages to enjoy.

3. Griffith Observatory

Get up close to the cosmos at the Griffith Observatory, and as a bonus, you’ll get a spectacular nose for the iconic Hollywood legend. This beautiful building is a planetarium with many exciting exhibits and shows. At the Leonard Nimoy Event Horizon Theater, you can watch a short film about the observatory’s rich history. Sino’s (word sampler) hobby is, without a doubt, the Zeiss refracting telescope, where you can see Night Wonderland over Southern California and marvel at the solar system.

14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

4. Museum and tar pits of La Alquitrán

Nestled in the Miracle Mile district of Los Angeles, The Tar Tar Pits and Museum is one of the world’s most famous ice age fossil sites. For little ones into dinosaurs and archaeology, this is a fascinating experience. Kids can watch the digs in the park and see what scientists are discovering. There are tar pits outside with animal sculptures, and children can learn how the animals got stuck in the tar by watching a 3D short film shown inside the museum. The museum has exhibits about the Ice Age and an insightful fossil lab to learn what happens when fossils are dug out of tar pits. It’s fun and exciting, and kids and adults will love it!

5. Santa Monica Halter

Santa Monia Beach is a prevalent motif among families in Los Angeles. Not only does Santa Monica have a great beach civilization (surfing, volleyball, rollerblading, scuba diving), but there’s even a tiny waterfront amusement park in the resort. Known as Pacific Park, there are 12 attractions, including the West Coaster and the Pacific Wheel, the first solar-powered weir. There are fun rides and attractions for kids of all ages and plenty of restaurants, candy stores, and food carts to supply the craving. Come here in the afternoon, and you will see a stunning and colorful sunset.

6. Noah’s Ark at the Skirball

Climb next to Noah’s Ark on the Skirball for some serious fun! The Ark is packed with activities, interactive displays, and exhibits for kids to shear, build, explore, and make-believe. The Ark is a beautiful and whimsical wooden structure filled with stuffed animals. Noah’s Ark is a great reason to bring toddlers and preschoolers. It is also an excellent destination for rainy days. And yes, sometimes it rains in Los Angeles.

7. California Science Center

Spark your curiosity about space and science with a rave at the highest educational and inspiring California Science Center. There are plenty of exhibits and activities, but the longtime draw is the chance to see the space shuttle Endeavour. On display in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion, Endeavor traveled to space 25 times between 1992 and 2011. There’s also an IMAX screen showing movies that will transport kids to new worlds during this incredibly immersive experience. Don’t be surprised if every kid wants to be an astronaut when they grow up after dating here.

14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

8. The Hollywood Legend

She is one of America’s most famous landmarks, a centuries-old symbol of allure and big dreams. Griffith Park sees over 10 million visitors each year, and you and your tribe should be one of them! It’s a three-mile or so hike up and back from the Lake Hollywood parking lot, so it’s not suitable for little ones, but we recommend it for children over the age of eight. There are incredible views at the top, and on top of that, you’ll be amazed at how often the legend appears in the movies. They will never get tired of reminding you that they have been there! You can also check our feature on interesting facts about the Hollywood legend here.

9. Bob Baker Marionette Center

It’s an old-school but fail-safe way of supplying busy kids with a beautiful couple of hours: a puppet show. The Bob Baker Marionette Center ones are great fun for the whole tribe. It’s the oldest children’s theater company in Los Angeles, providing happy memories for generations since 1963. It’s so popular that in 2009 it was designated a Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Landmark. Sit down with the little ones and watch the puppets come to life, then graciously enjoy ice cream and tour the theater for a behind-the-scenes look.

10. Dodger Stadium

Catching the Dodgers and seeing the Boys in Blue is a big day for the tribe. For the best views from the stop, you’ll be able to see Hollywood Legend and the Santa Monica Mountains on a clear day. On Friday games, there are even fireworks. On the other hand, there is a new children’s play radio in the central park square for the little ones who may be restless. If you’re traveling out of season, you can take a tour of the stadium, and if you think the guys are going to be bored, you can leave them to have fun at the shelter.

11. Kidspace

This incredible 3.5-acre children’s museum has over 40 hands-on exhibits, entertainment, and events, and it starts as soon as you get there at the kaleidoscope entrance. More than 380,000 visitors make their way each year to the staggering array of creative display spaces and aquatic instruments. There are structures to climb (including a 40-foot tower designed to look like drops of plenty), an ant hole that little ones can scurry into, and a Rosie signal tarantula. The Regato Adventure radio is a must, an entire space dedicated to ecosystems where children can climb into the nest of a stubborn and put in a comedón kitchen. It’s worth bringing a change of clothes and a towel as it can get pretty dirty!

14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022
14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

12. El Capitan Theater

The old El Capitan Theater opened in 1926 on Hollywood Boulevard, making it even as old as the radio itself. Children will be captivated by everything the team does to deal with space. For each new movie screening, they put on displays of costumes, decorations, and sometimes appearances by cast members. There are almost always some similar characters to meet. If you’re traveling with young children, there’s ‘Tiny Tot Tuesday,’ with dedicated performances for little kids with added extras like confetti and Disney movies to sing along to. It’s a great activity for days of plenty, but it’s worth visiting even if it’s sunny.

When the heat hits, it’s tempting to head straight to the beach or pool. But splash pads are a great alternative: they’re super affordable, and you don’t need to carry a ton of stuff with you. There are now dozens of splash pads throughout the city, but the Annenberg Community Beach House is one of our favorite alternatives for beach days. When the Pacific is too cold or choppy to swim in, you can enjoy the splash pad outside the entrance. Then inside is a house with a game room, ping pong, and tons of events, on top of a beautiful pool, beach volleyball, tennis court, soccer fields, and paddleboard rentals.

13. Rolling robots

Suppose you have kids fascinated by science, engineering, and technology, quote Rolling Robots. In the spirit of building teddy bears and painting flower pots, children over seven can be taught to develop their machines. There are many different workshops to designate. In Illiterate Robotics, kids learn to build a LEGO Mindstorms automaton, code the robot and its sensors, and compete in challenges. Meanwhile, in Roblox Studio, kids learn to create 3D worlds, script games, and even spread their striae work.

14. Pinz

If everyone has had enough theme parks, museums, and the beach, it’s time for Pinz. It’s bowling on steroids and the ultimate reason kids learn to bowl, with 32 neon-lit lanes and optional bumpers available. The food is excellent, with many options on the adult and children’s menus, including daily specials, and the beer is even better. Plus, there’s kid-friendly software, which means you can get two free games for your little ones every day of the summer. Beyond bowling, there’s an impressive Pinz arcade with over 40 games, above air hockey, and pool tables.

What should you not miss in LA?

Things You Can’t Miss In LA

  • Golden Hour At Griffith Observatory. …
  • Mural Hunting Around The City. …
  • Wander Down Abbot Kinney In Venice. …
  • Sunset In Santa Monica. …
  • Hike Runyon Canyon. …
  • Wander Around The Venice Canals. …
  • Head To LACMA. …
  • Visit The Museum Of Ice Cream (If it’s still there and you can get your hands on some tickets)
14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022
14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

What should you not miss in LA?

What is there to do right now in LA?55 Best Things to Do in Los Angeles (California)

  1. Hollywood Sign. Source: logoboom / shutterstock. …
  2. The Getty Center. Source: Ken Wolter / shutterstock. …
  3. Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens. …
  4. Griffith Park. …
  5. Griffith Observatory. …
  6. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) …
  7. Venice. …
  8. Getty Villa.

What can you do in LA with no money?


  • The Broad.
  • Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • La Brea Tar Pits.
  • Natural History Museum of LA County.
  • Avila Adobe.
  • Autry Museum of the American West.
  • Paul Getty Museum.

What to do in LA when you are bored?

10 Goofy Things to Do When You’re Bored in L.A.

  • Feel up some velvet. …
  • Tour a zipper factory. …
  • Relax in a desert downtown. …
  • Spook yourself on a crime tour. …
  • Visit a museum of antique printing equipment. …
  • Go to an art gallery in a garage. …
  • Get fancy at the opera. …
  • Drive out to see desert dinos.

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14 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles Places to Visit with Kids 2022

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