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20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

Do you already have the dress, the banquet, and the party resolved? Or even if you are in the middle of all these details, it is always a good time to dream about what comes next: the honeymoon.

To give you a boost of inspiration or to escape for a while from the Tetris that is setting up the guest table, here are the ten best honeymoon spots that will make your honeymoon trip a true romantic fantasy. Transport yourself to the image of your partner and you on a delicious beach or in places where Romance springs up in 3, 2, 1

  • Best Honeymoon Destinations
  • Bora Bora.
  • St. Lucia.
  • Maldives.
  • Fiji.
  • Maui.
  • Amalfi Coast.
  • Bali.
  • Tahiti.

1. Santorini: Mediterranean honeymoon

This island in the Aegean Sea is a perfect setting for Romance and pleasure: crystal clear waters, fascinating gastronomy, and the energy of a dormant volcano. Fira, its capital, is the typical city of the Cyclades Islands, full of white houses with blue domes. A dream landscape to enjoy your honeymoon.

In Santorini, you can take a beach route and discover the black sand of Kamari or sail to the Nea Palea volcano and walk along its paths of solidified lava. Doesn’t that sound extraordinary? Do not miss the sunsets from any of its towns on cliffs; they are lovely. Along with a refreshing glass of assyrtiko, the local white wine, and a plate of fresh seafood, we assure you of a honeymoon second to none in Europe.

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20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

2. Drake Bay: Costa Rica and its wild nature – honeymoon places

You choose Costa Rica for your HoneymoonIt’s because they love nature. And if so, is there anything better than the honeymoon trip being inside an impressive natural park? In this paradise, you will also find hidden lagoons, kilometers of beaches that jut out into the Pacific, and a tropical climate that makes it the perfect destination for any time of the year.

Drake Bay is located in the Corcovado National Park, one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. To get into it, it is better to do it with a guide, although there is also a network of trails that link the different park ranger stations that can be traveled by car. After the adventure, nothing better than taking refuge in the hotel and listening to the romantic and inspiring sounds of nature at night, which offers you one of the most magical places for your honeymoon.

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3. Morocco: the country of a thousand contrasts

A place full of magic and many species, in Morocco you can awaken your senses, knowing different customs, with a new ancient culture, full of history and tradition; enriched by the kindness and hospitality of its people that will make your honeymoon a memorable trip,

Its gastronomic variety is known internationally and stands out for its incredible richness and diversity. In addition to its gastronomy, you will be able to get to know fantastic nature, from great imperial cities such as Marrakech, Fez, Meknes or Rabat, as well as beautiful beaches of fine sand and enigmatic dunes in the desert. Among the activities, you can do are horseback riding, sleeping in the desert, and visiting its National Parks. So you already know! If you are looking for places to go on a honeymoon full of culture and flavor, this is your best destination.

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20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022
20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

4. Maldives Islands: a dream destination

Are you looking for the sun and the beach? Here you have the perfect place; these islands stand out for their crystal clear waters, a fantastic universe of marine life, and underwater landscapes, making it the ideal place for diving lovers.

The beauty of its waters is accompanied by large beaches of fine white sand, ideal for resting, relaxing, and being pampered by your partner. In this place, you can find exotic locations such as rooms above the water, restaurants under the water, and even submarines where you can enjoy the seabed without getting wet.

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5. Montego Bay: Jamaica’s soft sand

Do you love the white sand and the blue horizon of the Caribbean but are you one of those who still need something more? Perfect, then the best option for you restless lovebirds is Montego Bay. In this beautiful place in Jamaica, you will find golf, hot springs, delicate restaurants, and even houses inhabited by ghosts.

They can stay in luxurious 5-star resorts or small hostels just a few steps from its beaches, surrounded by tropical plants. Recharge your batteries in the hot springs at Doctor’s Cave, dive in Montego Bay Marine Park, or work out on the 18-hole Cinnamon Hill Golf Club. Something delicious to try? Its traditional bammy, cassava flour bread, and golden coconut milk in oil.

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6. Boipeba: the most beautiful island in Brazil

If you are looking for one of the most paradisiacal honeymoon places, on a remote island, far from civilization and full of virgin beaches, Boipeba is the perfect place. The most beautiful island in Brazil is part of the Tinharé archipelago, 150 kilometers from Salvador, the capital of Bahia, and far from any usual tourist destination. Everything is wild nature; there are not even cars!

Disconnect floating in its incomparable natural pools in Moreré or walking along small paths from the beach to beach. End the day by having a drink in the small restaurants of Velha Boipeba, the town with the most significant number of accommodations. The best time to visit the island is from October to March. While it takes a little effort to get there, there will be no other destination like it for a Blue Lagoon-style honeymoon.

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20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022
20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

7. Koh Samui: the busiest island in Thailand – honeymoon places

If you were left wanting more parties after the wedding, Koh Samui is the ideal destination. One of the most visited islands in Thailand, Samui offers fantastic beaches where you can dive, snorkel, or relax under the sun looking at the sky and a wide range of nightlife, the most varied of the islands.

The most vibrant beaches are Chaweng and Lamai. For a luxurious honeymoon, find accommodation on Choeng Mon beach, but don’t miss out on visiting the fishing village of Bophut. Discover its waterfalls, get a massage in its many spas and stretch your legs walking to the Big Buddha, a 15-meter-high statue of a striking yellow color.

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8. Sicily: beaches and history in Italy

Are you already humming the music of The Godfather? Beyond the clichés, the largest island in the Mediterranean has an archaeological history of incalculable value and extensive turquoise beaches, perfect for diving. In addition, its wide gastronomic offer will justify the long hours at the table, unavoidable if we talk about Italy.

A honeymoon in Sicily will include dazzling the medieval streets of its largest cities—Palermo, Syracuse, and Catania—and the myriad of historical gems in its smaller towns. From Greek temples to Byzantine churches, through caves and catacombs. Climb Mount Etna, the most active volcano in Europe, and engrave on your retinas the columns of smoke that rose from its chimney. If you like sweets, Sicily is the land of cannoli, desserts made of crispy dough filled with ricotta. addictive

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9. Venice: A romantic experience

Who has not seen the typical gondola ride in the movies? If this has been one of your childhood dreams, what better time to visit Venice than in your Honeymoon. For this trip, allow yourself to enjoy the gondola ride at night and let the musical notes of the accordion and the voice of the oarsman or gondolier while performing a beautiful Italian opera fill you with the typical romanticism of this scene.

At night, the city comes alive, and walking through its main places becomes a beautiful experience; appreciate the genius of St. Mark’s Square and enjoy the local restaurants that offer a variety of delicious food.

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20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

10. Bora Bora: French Polynesia at its best

Exactly, this is the remote and exotic destination that we all dream of when we want to escape from our daily lives. Isn’t the honeymoon the great excuse you’ve been waiting for? Hotels built on the sea, coral reefs, and exotic tropical valleys. Anything else? Yes, great cocktails!

Bora-Bora is one of the most beautiful islands globally, and celebrities chose a place. Fortunately, besides its luxury resorts, you can also find cheaper accommodation without missing an iota of beauty. Explore the Pahia and Otemanu mountains, navigate their blue waters on a catamaran and look for sea turtles. A good idea to end the day is with a cocktail at Bloody Mary’s, one of the most famous bars on the island, to continue planning the romantic future that awaits you.

11. Amalfi Coast – honeymoon places

Eight best roads world route of the Amalfi Coast Italy

Choosing the time of year we go to the Amalfi Coast is essential. While most activities and shops are closed from November until just before Easter, the best time to visit is spring and fall.

Avoiding the high tourist season in July and August is highly recommended. Positano is one of the most surprising cities on this entire coast.

12. Florence, Italy

The best time to visit Florence is between May and September. During those months you can fully enjoy the walks through the beautiful city. Strolling over the Arno River or through the Boboli Gardens are two excellent options.

13. Paris, France – honeymoon places

The city of love could not be missing from this list of the best honeymoon destinations.

To stay, the hotel with 90 years of history Le Bristol Paris, the Louvre, to walk, the gardens of the Luxembourg Palace. 

20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022
20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

14. Maldives – honeymoon places

Gangehi Island Resort – Maldives

The Maldives is located in a particularly remote area and offers honeymooners a secluded retreat. There you can explore the city of Male by looking at its fish stalls or visit the National Museum.

For lovers of water activities—and the bravest, no doubt—tourists have the chance to dive and swim with sharks at Hammerhead Point.

15. Napa Valley, Calif. – honeymoon places

Napa Valley attracts more than three million visitors a year.

With its nearly 400 wineries, it is a paradise for couples passionate about wine.

16. Fiji Islands

There are plenty of vacation resorts to choose from in Fiji. From the Nanuku Auberge Resort, which includes your private butler with your reservation, to the Tadrai Island Resort, complete with an infinity pool — there are plenty of places any couple can enjoy.

17. Saint Lucia – honeymoon places

Courtesy of Jade Mountain

The best way to enjoy the beautiful beaches of Santa Lucía is resting on its white sands; another option is to do it from one of the ocean catamaran tours.

For the more adventurous couples, zip line descent is another potential activity to consider. Tourists can end the day aboard a boat enjoying the sunset with a glass of champagne in hand.

20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022
20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

18. Bora Bora – honeymoon places

Bora Bora, le Meridien. 

A very typical honeymoon destination, Bora Bora’s overwater bungalows offer couples the chance to relax.

If you are looking for something more active, you have the possibility of taking a tour of the lakes in the area, hiking, or water parachuting.

19. Tahiti – honeymoon places

Tahiti is the birthplace of overwater cottages — the most romantic accommodation a couple can stay in, with complete privacy.

Tourists will encounter hotter and more humid weather between November and April, but the island is perfect for visiting no matter what time of year.

20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

20. Tuscany, Italy – honeymoon places

The Tuscan countryside is another favorite honeymoon destination. It offers majestic and romantic views with its rolling hills and vineyards.

If you decide to explore the area strolling through the green landscapes or on the back of a Vespa, it’s up to you; there are a large number of incredible hotels to stay in during your honeymoons, such as the Villa Bordoni or the Monteverdi. 

Where is the cheapest place to go on a honeymoon places?

12 Best Cheap Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Puerto Rico, United States. Isla Verde resort in San Juan, Puerto Rico. …
  2. Florida Keys, United States. Palm trees and kayaks on the beach in Key West. …
  3. Riviera Maya, Mexico. Maya ruins at Tulum on the Riviera Maya. …
  4. Thailand. …
  5. Costa Rica. …
  6. Las Vegas, United States. …
  7. Belize. …
  8. Jamaica.

Which place is best for honeymoon places in May?

The marriage season is on!

Best Honeymoon Places In South India In May

  • Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh. Image Source. …
  • Yercaud, Tamil Nadu. Image Source. …
  • Munnar, Kerala. Image Source. …
  • Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Indian Ocean. …
  • Coorg, Karnataka. …
  • Lakshadweep, Indian Ocean. …
  • Ooty, Tamil Nadu. …
  • Wayanad, Kerala.

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20 Best Destinations For your Honeymoon Places 2022

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