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12 Amazing Things to Do in Mostar 2023: Full Guide

12 Amazing Things to Do in Mostar 2023: Full Guide

12 Amazing Things to Do in Mostar 2023: Full Guide

This list of the important places to see in Mostar will help you get to know one of the most beautiful cities in Bosnia, whose main tourist attraction is its iconic Stone Bridge.

Located two and a half hours by road from the famous Dubrovnik, on the banks of the Neretva River, Mostar has been able to rise from its ashes after being heavily bombed during the Bosnian War, recovering the splendor of its old town, recognized as World Heritage by the Unesco, and making it the most visited city in the country.

Considered the capital of Herzegovina, this city maintains Ottoman influence in its architecture with numerous mosques, slender minarets, and narrow medieval-style streets full of shops and charming corners.

Although half a day is enough to see the main tourist attractions of Mostar, we recommend spending the night in the city to see its beautiful illuminated bridge and to be able to walk through its streets more calmly, when most organized groups that come with a day trip one day from Dubrovnik they are gone. One of the advantages of Mostar is that you can pay for everything with euros, and you don’t need to change to local currency.

Based on our time in this city during our trip to Croatia and Bosnia, we have made this list of the 12 most beautiful places to visit in Mostar. Let’s start!

1. Lucki Most, one of the places to see in Mostar

Things to Do in Mostar
Things to Do in Mostar

After leaving the car in one of the car parks located around the pedestrian old town, one of the best things to do in Mostar is to go to the Lucki Most bridge to have a unique perspective of the Neretva river, the Old Bridge and in the background, the minarets and domes of the mosques.

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Although this bridge lacks charm and history, it is worth taking a walk that will not last more than 10 minutes from the old town to enjoy the views and see less touristy areas of the city.

2. Kriva Cuprija

The next stop on the route will be at the Kriva Cuprija (Crooked Bridge), a bridge over the Radobolja River, a tributary of the Neretva River, and one of the most charming corners to see in Mostar.

This miniature version of the Old Bridge (Stari Most) is believed to have a built in 1558 as a test for the subsequent construction of the Old Bridge, which occurred eight years later. In 2001, due to significant flooding of the river, it collapsed, although it was recently rebuilt, maintaining its original appearance.

3. Onescukova Street

After crossing the crooked bridge and going up a small ramp overlooking a mosque, you will access Onescukova Street, one of the most beautiful commercial hubs of the old town of Mostar.

In this cobbled street full of souvenir shops where you can buy precious Turkish coffee sets or miniature replicas of the Mostar Bridge, you will begin to enjoy Ottoman architecture until you reach the old bridge.

4. Try Bosnian food, one of the things to do in Mostar

Things to Do in Mostar

Before crossing the bridge and if hunger strikes, you can go to the Lagero restaurant to try some of the typical Bosnian dishes such as cevapi, burek, or keep, asking for their particular word for two, which has a little of everything and an excellent sample. 

Of the local gastronomy and for dessert, some sweet like baklava accompanied by the delicious Bosnian coffee. In addition, from the terrace of this restaurant and its neighbors, you will have incredible views of the old bridge.

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Other restaurants where you can eat in Mostar and try typical food are Šadrvan, Tima-Irma, and Hindin Han, all located very close to Lagero.

5. Mostar Old Bridge

The Stari Most or Old Bridge, the main tourist attraction in Mostar, was a symbol of peaceful coexistence and harmony between the West and the East (between Catholic Christians and Muslims) for centuries until it s bombed during the Bosnian War.

Built by the architect Mimar Hajrudin, by order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the 16th century during the Ottoman rule, it endured floods, earthquakes, and wars until the Bosnian War broke out and after the Bosnian Muslims and Croats fought together Catholics to drive out the Yugoslavs, a civil war broke out between them. The Croats toppled it on November 9, 1993, becoming a symbol of this tragic conflict.

After the War, a UNESCO committee directed the reconstruction works of the bridge and the old town until, in 2004, the bridge reopened as a symbol of national reconciliation.

Currently, this bridge, flanked by two 17th-century towers, has a height of about 20 meters above the Neretva River, which several young locals take advantage of to earn extra money by jumping from the top of the bridge in exchange for a good tip.

If you want a good view and photograph of the bridge, you can go down from Onescukova street by some stairs to the beach of Mostar on the river bank.

6. Kujundziluk Street

After carefully crossing the Old Bridge (very slippery), you will arrive at Kujundziluk, which houses the old bazaar and is one of our favorite streets in Mostar.

During the tour of this picturesque cobbled street, surrounded by stone houses with facades painted in pastel colors, you will come across numerous souvenir shops and some of the most famous mosques, such as the Koski Mehmed Pasha, which we will talk about in the next spot.

In this street, there are also some stones with the message “Don’t Forget” so that we do not forget the tragic outcome of the Bosnian War, with more than 200,000 deaths, and thus avoid repeating it.

7. Enter the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque, one of the things to do in Mostar.

Things to Do in Mostar
Things to Do in Mostar

Located on the edge of the cliffs of the Neretva River, the Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque is one of the jewels of Ottoman architecture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and another of the places to see in Mostar.

Built in 1618, it still preserves the original decoration with a beautiful carpet, stained glass windows, and paintings, although the dome and minaret were severely damaged during the War.

It is worth paying the 3 euros for the entrance to access its interior and, above all, climb to the top of the narrow minaret to have the best view of Mostar and the Old Bridge.

Going down, you can access another excellent viewpoint located on the banks of the river and then observe the old ablutions fountain and a madrasa full of souvenir shops.

8. Museum of the Victims of War and Genocide 1992-1995

To learn more about the history of the Balkan War and, above all, the tragic damage Mostar received with the loss of thousands of civilian lives and the destruction of a large part of the city, including the Old Bridge, we recommend you visit the Museum of the Victims of War and Genocide.

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During the tour, you will see videos of real testimonies of the War that will overwhelm your heart and numerous personal items, as well as an exhibition on the destruction of the old bridge.

Another interesting museum to understand the Bosnian War through various photos is the War Photo Exhibition, located right next to the old bridge.

Museum of the Victims of War and Genocide 1992-1995

9. Karadjoz Bey Mosque

Another of the best things to do in Mostar is to enter the Karadjoz Bey Mosque, a 16th-century Ottoman mosque considered one of the most beautiful to see in Bosnia.

Severely damaged during World War II and almost destroyed during the Bosnian War, this mosque was extensively restored and today boasts a beautiful inner hall covered by a vast dome and a tall minaret with incredible views of the historic center of Mostar.

10. Muslibegovic House

Things to Do in Mostar
Things to Do in Mostar

The next stop for the places to see in Mostar in one day will be at the Muslibegovic House, which, together with the Biscevica House, allows you to get an idea of ​​the Ottoman architecture used to build the home of one of the most powerful families in the city. 

Declared a National Monument, it currently functions as a museum and hotel, being able to reserve one of its 12 luxurious rooms and suites exclusively decorated, in the traditional Bosnian-Ottoman style, with antiques and a beautiful interior patio.

11. Plaza de España, one of the places to visit in Mostar

If you are Spanish, one of the most emotional visits to Mostar is the Plaza de España, which receives this name as a tribute to the 23 Spanish soldiers who lost their lives in this country during the Bosnian War and for which both the Bosnian Government and Herzegovina and its people are deeply grateful.

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This square, the largest in Mostar, is presided over by the beautiful Gymnasium Mostar, a vast and majestic Autro-Hungarian building built in 1896 as a gym and restored after the War.

12. Sniper Tower

To finish this list of must-sees in Mostar, we suggest a walk through some of the buildings that have not been restored since the Bosnian War so that you can appreciate the scars and destruction it caused.

Among the best known is the Sniper Tower, an old bank filled with snipers who took advantage of its great height to shoot their enemies and where you can still see hundreds of bullet holes in its walls.

Another of the buildings most damaged by the War was the Neretva hotel, located on the banks of the river, and of which the structure was barely maintained.

Although these are two of the most famous, you will see quite a few unrestored buildings with shrapnel remaining visible on their walls during a walk through the city.

Is Mostar worth visiting?

Mostar is one of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most beautiful cities and a top attraction in the Balkans. It’s rich in culture, history, and beautiful buildings. Whether you plan to stay for a few days or visit on a day trip from nearby Croatia, Mostar is definitely worth a visit.

How many days do you need for Mostar?

How Long Should You Spend in Mostar? Ideally, one full day with an overnight stay is perfect. This gives you more than enough time to explore the Old Town, get all the views of Stari Most you want, and even take a quick detour out to some of the nearby sites.

How do you spend a day in Mostar?

  1. Start your one day in Mostar at the Old Bridge (Stari most)
  2. Stop for a Bosnian coffee inside the Old Bazaar.
  3. Head up to the Koskin Mehmed Pasha’s Mosque & Tepa Market.
  4. Visit one of Mosar’s museums.
  5. Lunch at National Restaurant Tima-Irma.
  6. Walk by the oldest stone bridge in Mostar, Kriva cuprija.

Is one day in Mostar enough?

Quite a popular day trip from Dubrovnik, nearly all of the best things to do in Mostar can be experienced if you allow for 1 day in Mostar in your itinerary. Rest assured that this will be enough time to see the city’s sights and highlights.

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