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20 Beaches in The World That Stand out For having black sand 2022

Black sand beach

20 Beaches in the world that stand out for having black sand.

I love the sea; there is nothing better than spending your holidays on the beach. And it is even more gratifying if it stands out for the colour of its sand, contrasting with the blue of the sea. There are white, yellow and black, the latter being the most striking for offering a view whose beauty is unique and unmatched. Each black sand beach enchants those who seek to escape daily and explore other types of landscapes that nature can offer us.

Bright Side investigated the sites characterized by their black sand beaches and collected various photographs that show their contrast with the sea, plants, or the landscape surrounding them in general.

1. Punaluu, Hawaii – Black sand beach

Black sand beach

The PunaluU was formed by volcanic activity in Hawaii diverse, prompting an area of black sand. The lava flows towards the ocean, thus generating the basalt due to the explosion and cooling of the magma in contact with the water. Currently, it is a very characteristic site for its jet-coloured sand and for the presence of green turtles or “honu”, which usually sunbathe on the beach.

2. Lanzarote, Spain – Black sand beach

Black sand beach

Lanzarote is also known as “The island of volcanoes” because it has gone through different phases of volcanic eruptions throughout history, forming both its black sand beaches and its large extensions of dark soils located to the north and south centre the island. It all started with the opening to the Atlantic Ocean during the Mesozoic, which was the origin of volcanic activity on the ground, which ended approximately in the 18th century, giving rise to strict political control for the conservation of Lanzarote, which contributed to maintaining its current appearance.

3. Vík, Iceland – Black sand beach

Black sand beach

In the south of Iceland, there is a town called Vik which is characterized by its beautiful stretch of black beach adorned with basalt stones and frequent volcanic activity. It makes the ground always remain in dark tones, contrasting with the intense onslaught of the Atlantic Ocean, which caused the shipwreck of many sailors in the past. In the nineties, Vík beach was considered one of the ten most beautiful in the world.

4. Muriwai, New Zealand – Black sand beach

Black sand beach

Another beautiful beach formed by volcanic eruptions is Muriwai, located west of Auckland, New Zealand. In it, you will find a large expanse of black sand and rock formations of various levels where completes a dream landscape.That being the case, it is natural that you want to travel and spend a few days there. It became one of the most wanted destinations among lovers of photography and the natural landscape. If this is your case, you have not made a mistake choosing the destination of your vacation. However, you must choose the best time of year to do it, and in that we are going to help you, explaining what the best time to travel to New Zealand is.

5. Lost Coast, California – Black sand beach

Black sand beach

Due to an abrupt movement of two oceanic plates next to a continental plate generated long ago, a tectonic activity arose that generated the presence of compressed shale and the great extension of black sand that currently makes up the area of lost coast, California. Today, it is an unpopulated and remote area, making it perfect for those seeking tranquillity on an afternoon at the beach.

6. Wai’anapanapa, Maui – Black sand beach

Black sand beach
Black sand beach
  1. In the town of Maui, in Hawaii, there is a state park called Wai’anapanapa, which houses a beautiful beach of sand and volcanic rocks, which contrasts with the vegetation that surrounds the area. When the tide turns, some exciting lakes have usually formed that function as natural pools, turning reddish due to small shrimp.

7.Positano beach, Italy.

Black sand beach

Since ancient times, Positano has been a lovely and symbolic site due to its natural landscape and customs. This fishing village became especially popular in the fifties when tourists were attracted by its peculiar beach and hills where various very picturesque architectural constructions were erected. Its colours stand out even more for the rocky landscape and dark sand of the beach

8. Perissa Beach, Greece – Black sand beach

Black sand beach

The island of Santorini has a beautiful volcanic sand beach, which is known as Persia beach. It is 8 kilometres long and provides an exciting contrast with the blue of the sea. It is currently one of the most popular tourist sites in Greece and has a variety of entertainments for lovers of water sports, such as jet ski rides and water skiing.

9. Anse Couleuvre, Martinique

Black sand beach

To the north of the island Martinique there is a solid volcanic activity, which, together with the mixture of heavy rains and evaporations caused by trade winds, generates a contrast of landscapes that combines vegetation with precipices and dark soil. It is how the Anse couture beach was created. In addition to having beautiful black sand, it is characterized by its strong currents and large waves, making it attractive for experienced surfers and lovers of adrenaline.

10. Mompiche, Ecuador

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

If you are looking for an exotic place to do tourism, you may be interested in visiting mompiche beach in Ecuador. This place has black sand composed of different minerals, such as titanium and iron. Among the activities that can be practised are artisanal fishing and surfing, thanks to its impressive waves that attract the attention of athletes from different parts of the world.

11. Kaimu, Haw – Black sand beach

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

A few decades ago, Kaimu was a beautiful bay adorned with palm trees and black sand. But in 1990, a volcanic eruption devastated the town, causing the lava to cool on contact with the water and form the appearance of an uneven terrain full of dark rocks. Nowadays, it is common to see residents burying sprouted coconuts in the surroundings to restore the original appearance of the beach.

12. Vlychada, Greece – Black sand beach

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Crossing a solid natural pumice wall is a beautiful dark sand Greek beach called Vlychada Unlike Perissa, which is also on the island of Santorini, its tranquillity characterizes Vlychada and the fact that there are almost no strong winds there thanks to the presence of rocks.

13. El Bollullo Beach, Canary Islands

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Although Tenerife has several paradisiacal beaches, the one that stands out the most is El bolilloIts sand is of volcanic origin and contrasts with the calm blue sea. It also has an area of ​​160 meters where you can take long walks to disconnect from your daily routine.

El Bollullo beach is located just to the left of Playa de los Patos. It belongs to the municipality of La Orotava, as well as the Ancón beach and Los Patos.

As a curiosity, to know that the municipality of La Orotava only has these three beaches, but it can be said without mistake that they are among the best and most charming beaches on the island.

El Bollullo beach is made up of a main beach about 160 meters long, and a cove on the right of about 60 meters, both with .

The landscape of the area is impressive , once you are on the beach you can enjoy nature, the sea and the sand in its purest form, leaving the day to day behind. You could say that it is a magical enclave.

15.Batuputih Beach, Indones

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Although the term Batuputih means “white” in the local language of this Indonesian fishing village, its beach is far from white due to its vast expanse of black volcanic sand. It contrasts with the blue of the sea and the lush vegetation part of the Tangkoko-Batuangus National Park. There are currently different endemic species such as tarsiers, the smallest species of monkeys in the world.

16. Stromboli, Italy

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Stromboli is an island with a single active volcano, so it is not surprising that it has due to its constant volcanic eruptions. In the distance, it is common to glimpse smoke spreading to the top. Therefore, the mountain is under constant surveillance. However, that does not prevent you from enjoying its beaches and enjoying the delicious seafood dishes typical of the island.

17. Miho no Matsubara, Japan

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Unlike the typical beaches surrounded by palm trees, Miho no Matsubara is characterized by its characteristic pine forest and a beach with dark sand where tourists can practise various water sports. In addition, in the distance, you can see Mount Fuji, which finishes decorating the scene.

18. Jökulsárlón Beach, Iceland

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

In Iceland, a frozen lake known as Jokulsarlo is surrounded by a dark sand beach, which stands out entirely from the glacial landscape. However, what characterizes this beach is that it is not made up of any vegetation or local constructions. Still, different icebergs are shipwrecked on land, forming an interesting natural composition worthy of a fairy tale. That is why this place is also known as “The beach of diamonds”.

19. Stokksnes Beach, Iceland

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Another of the black sand beaches in Iceland that you should know is stones, which houses an exciting composition of black dunes that contrast with the white waves of the sea. This beach is located at the foot of the Vestrahorn mountain, which is made up of sharp peaks and igneous rocks that you can climb to contemplate the landscape from above.

We toured the eastern fjords during our third day of travel, but not before making a stop at the stunning Stokksnes beach.
After a restful night in the quiet town of Höfn, we got up early in the morning and checked the weather and the condition of the roads. It seemed that we would have sun and clouds throughout the day, and at the moment, the roads to our destination were all open and in good condition. However, the weather would change abruptly throughout the day.

20. Karekare Beach, New Zealand

Black sand beach
Black sand beach

Finally, there is Kare-Kare, a beautiful New Zealand beach located in the north of the island. One of its main characteristics is that it is in a state of conservation, so it is an isolated place with little influx of people. In addition to the ocean, you can see hills with lush vegetation and beautiful waterfalls that adorn this little paradise, where film sets of emblematic films such as The Piano by Jane Campion and popular series such as Xena: the princess were also walked. Warrior.


December to March is considered the best time to visit New Zealand. If the crazed crowds don’t confuse you, the summer season with its mild weather will be perfect for grabbing the beaches, enjoying clams, exploring Waitomo Glowworm Caves, and stargazing. You could also opt for mild, non-crowded fall and spring. October and November are all about baby lambs in green pastures and the Lupine bloom, while April and May will show you the aurora Australis, the Milky Way, and stunning fall foliage. The North Island receives a lot of rainfall, while the South Island often sees massive snowfall and sub-zero temperatures between June and September. The winter season delights passionate skiers.

Where is the best black sand beach?

  • Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia, Caribbean.
  • Number One Beach, Dominica, Caribbean.
  • Playa Negra, Puerto Rico. .
  • Perissa Beach, Greece.
  • Benijo Beach, Canary Islands.
  • Paola Beach, Hawaii.

Are black sand beaches worth it?

Hawaii is home to some of the best beaches in the world. While they vary in beauty, discovering a black sand beach on the Big Island is truly special. Formed by thousands of years of volcanic eruptions and weathered rock, these unique marvels are worth visiting during your time in Hawaii.

What is black sand called?

Most of the debris is small enough to be considered sand. … Hawaii’s famous “black sand” beaches, such as Punalu’u Beach and Kehena Beach, were formed virtually immediately by the rapid interaction of hot lava with seawater.

Is black sand safe?

Black Diamond sandblasting sand is completely safe for the inhabitants of the bottom. … Some people in the online and offline communities have said that the sand sand is too sharp.

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