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15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas 2022

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

15 Best & Fun Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas 2022

Hot Springs Village is adjacent to Garland and Saline counties in the central part of the state and had nearly 13,000 residents at the last census. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

By area, it is the largest gated community in the country. It is also a major regional retirement destination known for its natural beauty and almost non-existent crime. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Located near some metropolitan areas and some of the most scenic wilderness in the state, There was a wide variety of cultural, historical, and natural attractions that are worth visiting the area.

Below are 15 of the best things to do inside and around Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.

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1). Hot Springs National Park – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs National Park is probably unlike any other national park you have visited for more than a few reasons.

Located on the bathroom row of downtown Hot Springs, the park’s urban setting and relatively small size make it unique. The best way to learn about the area’s fascinating history is to book a guided tour with a park ranger.

In many ways, it is like going back in time. The tour will be equal parts history and geology, which you will likely find interesting and informative. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The tour will leave plenty of time to enjoy the therapeutic waters of the park and other nearby attractions as well.

2). Fordyce bathhouse and museum

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

 Fordyce Bathhouse And Museum

In the past, the Fordyce bathhouse was one of the most elegant in the city. It is now a museum and visitor center that would be a great place to stop shortly after arriving in town.

The building has been restored to near-original condition. It includes many of the conveniences it featured in years past, such as exciting and outdated exercise equipment and therapy devices that supposedly alleviated the symptoms of a long list of ailments.

At its peak, it was the exclusive domain of wealthy businessmen, shady gangsters, and corrupt politicians, though the latter two may be the same.

3). Hot Springs Mountain Tower

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Perched on the pinnacle of Hot Springs Mountain overlooking the city, the tower was built in the early 1980s. A top view will give guests an unobstructed view of the countryside. According to locals, it is possible to see more than 100 miles away on a clear day.

Reachable by stairs and an elevator, observation scopes are at the top of your eyes need a little help.

If you’re up for a physical challenge, there are more than 300 steps to the top, but your effort will be rewarded with calories burned and breathtaking views.

4). Lake Ouachita – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

At nearly 50,000 acres in area, Lake Ouachita is the largest in Arkansas and is a hotspot for water sports and outdoor enthusiasts from many surrounding states. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

It is one of the leading bass fishing lakes in the southeast and holds professional tournaments almost every year.

In addition to fishing, water skiing, swimming, and navigation are favorite activities. There are nearby camps, trails, and forest services such as boat launches, bathrooms, and playgrounds.

It is not far from the city, but it can be filled quiet during the high season when the sun shines, so if you prefer to avoid the crowds, consider visiting during the week or in less popular months.

5). Bathhouse – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The historic Hot Springs Bathhouse Row was once a place filled with exciting characters with sketchy backgrounds, and while that may be the case, it’s far more familiar now than it was back then. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Off the streets are the slick gangsters and their stylish girls from days ago. However, most bathhouses, along with the row, date from the early 1900s; their accommodations were considered top-notch by the day’s standards.

There are restaurants, cafes, and even a microbrewery nearby, so consider a self-guided walking tour to get an overview of the city’s layout and recreation options.

6). Mid-America Science Museum

 Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas
Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The Museum of Sciences of Middle Americas in Hot Springs is one of the region’s most diverse and visited attractions. Its main objective is to instill in young people a love for the many wonders of science.

With tons of exhibitions, screens, and interactive activities designed to keep children interested and committed, it is an excellent place for adults and children to spend a few hours. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Located in Mid America Boulevard, not far from the springs, it is an excellent way to spend some hours in the afternoon after a morning soaks in the therapeutic waters of spring.

Admission is reasonable considering the scope of the museum.

7). Ron Coleman’s Glass Mine – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

 Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas
Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

With its abundance of caves, hot springs, and crystals, the scenery and hidden caves around Hot Springs are wonderfully unique. One of the funniest and most wacky things about the area is hitting the crystal mines and seeing what you can find.

Ron Coleman’s Glass Mine offers an inexpensive way to get outdoors, breathe fresh air, and see some of the fantastic things found just below the earth’s surface. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Not everyone finds a crystal memorable, but many do, so keep digging as long as its energy holds up.

Remember that digging for crystals is dirty and tiring work, so plan accordingly and don’t show up on an empty stomach.

8). Garvan Woodland Gardens – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

 Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas
Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Woodland Gardens

Spread over more than 200 acres, Garvan Woodland Gardens on Arkridge Road is owned and managed by the University of Arkansas. In addition to its beautiful grounds and an incredible variety of plants, its main objectives are research and education. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The land for the gardens was graciously donated to the university in the 1980s. They often host exhibits, guest speakers, and educational opportunities throughout the year, so if you happen to be on a whim, you’ll never know what you might find.

Keep an eye on their website to see what’s on the calendar when you’ll be in town.

9). The Ouachita National Forest – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

 Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas
Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The Ouachita National Forest covers vast expanses of forested and mountainous land between the Arkansas and Oklahoma border at just two million acres.

With dozens of miles of trails, numerous campsites, and a host of other activities available to outdoor enthusiasts, it should come as no surprise that it is one of the most popular outdoor destinations in the area.

Amateur rock hounds are drawn to the massive vein of crystals that run through the area, and hunters and anglers are outlined here. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The terrain is quite remote and rugged, so familiarize yourself with the area and pack the things you’ll need before heading out into nature.

10). Magic Springs Water and Theme Park

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Springs Water And Theme Park Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

During summer dog days, the weather around Hot Springs can be scorching and humid. If you’re there with kids during those months, you’ll want to find a cool place or two.

Magic Springs Water and theme park is located just off Highway 70, just outside of town, and if you’re coming from Little Rock, it’s still less than an hour away.

According to those who should know, it is the only type of park of its kind in the state, so take advantage of all it has to offer if you have the time.

It’s open seasonally and includes all the slides, pools, and fountains you would expect.

11. Superior Bathhouse Brewery and Distillery

 Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas
Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Not many bathhouses have on-site breweries and distilleries, but the Superior Bathhouse has both.

It is unique in that it is the only brewery and distillery located on the grounds of a national park anywhere in the country. It was the brainchild of a New Jersey woman who was determined to recreate the great beers she enjoyed on a trip to Europe.

The water in the hot springs bubbles to the surface at nearly 144 degrees; this water is used in the production and fermentation processes.

They’ve only been open for a few years, but they’re gaining a huge following, so stop by for a swim, a pint, and a cocktail.

12). Great boardwalk – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Running about half a mile between Bathhouse Row and Hot Springs Mountain, the Great Boardwalk isn’t that grand, but what it lacks in length, it makes up for in accessibility and scenic.

After a leisurely morning or afternoon stroll along the boardwalk, it’s hard not to wonder about the high rollers who hit the same road decades ago.

The area was once considered the Las Vegas of its time, long before a desert mecca was conceived; it hosted an eclectic group of socialites who came to play, stir, and the warm therapeutic waters of spring.

13). Gangster Museum of America

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

 Museum Of America

You might expect to find The Gangster Museum of America in New York, Los Angeles, or Chicago, but it’s conveniently located in downtown Hot Springs.

Guided tours are available, and the museum’s multiple rooms are decorated in different themes. You will probably find it fascinating to learn about the lives of the guests who frequent the area. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

From assassins on the lamb to bank robbers and scammers on the run, the city had a bit of everything and lacked flash or arrogance.

During peak season, the museum can get crowded, so consider visiting during the fall or winter if you want to have the place to yourself.

14). The Galaxy connection – Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

If Star Wars, sci-fi, and superheroes are your cup of tea, then a stop at Galaxy Connection on Central Avenue in Hot Springs would be a good choice.

The museum was inspired by all things space-related, and the owner’s guided tours are a huge hit.

For a very reasonable price, you will have access to the exhibits and displays and many fascinating insights from your guide.

Much of what you’ll see is Star Wars-related and includes:

  • Figures.
  • Weapons like lightsabers and blasters.
  • The robes are worn by some of the epic’s main characters. 

15. Valley Spring Water Visitor Center

Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

 Valley Spring Water Visitor Center & amp; Museum

Indeed, visiting the world headquarters of a bottled water company doesn’t sound as fun as mixing paint in the basement. Still, it might be an exciting and educational place with an open mind and an extra hour or two. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

You’ll learn how water is processed, purified, bottled, and shipped, and you’ll probably be surprised how big the bottled water market is around the world. Things To Do In Hot Springs Arkansas

The venue is located near a visitor center and other area attractions, so once you’ve taken your tour and learned everything you want to know about bottled water, you’ll have the rest of the day to devote to other adventures.

What to do in hot springs?

National Park Duck Tourism, Josephin Tussauds Wax Museum, Belle Riverboat of Bathhouse Line Hot Springs. Or, behave for live entertainment, including family go-karting, short golf, and magic and music show.

Are hot springs worth visiting Arkansas?

People in the address are already on hot springs. Arkansas City is an attractive place to live, thanks to the low cost of housing and slow lifestyle, but it is a comfortable place to travel in 2020. … Buck stuff Bath Hot Springs is offering soothing dried in sync.

What is to do in Downtown Hot Springs?

Opening Day in Oklav Racing Casino Resort Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort Your name is calling the baby. ,
Thermal bath. ,
The world’s most miniature St. Patrick Day Parade,
a crocodile. ,
Buy more art. ,
Fill your jug. ,
Derby Day. ,
Small town

What is so special about hot springs, Archans?

With its hot mineral water and Ouachita mountain scenes, as well as being famous for your hotel and nightlife, it was an ideal place for something somebody ever heard of: Annual spring training for professional baseball

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