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10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose – 2022

10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose – 2022

Established in 2003, Vito’s Trattoria has created loyal to both the native and new residents of Silicon Valley. Vito’s Trattoria, George Nobel owner, has prepared a rich, authentic Italian menu for lunch, dinners, and catering matters.

Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, Vito is established that it is not only a part of the series with an Italian theme but an excellent old-fashioned owner, a true hidden in the heart of the first business district of San Jose Gem.

With a professional, service-oriented waiting staff, many silicon valleys of Vito have quickly become a favorite lunch spot for lunch and dinnertime foodstuffs. It is an ideal place to eat a working lunch and a family.

San José is the largest city in the Bay Area and Northern California, known as a global city for its thriving economy and affluence. We’ve limited ourselves to the downtown San José area to explore what type of cuisine is famous for dinner with so much to offer. Here are 10 of the best restaurants to try.

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Cleaning and cleanliness

  • Sanitized surfaces between seats
  • Common areas are deeply cleaned
  • Digital, Disposable or Sanitized Menu
  • Sanitizer or wipes provided for customers
  • safety device
  • Waitstaff wearing mask
  • Dinner should wear a mask till eating or drinking

1. Le Papillon

Restaurants in San Jose
Restaurants in San Jose

Le Papillon is an upscale French restaurant and steakhouse perfect for special occasions. With over 500 wines and three- or four-course dining options, Le Papillon offers an elegant range of cuisine.

The extensive menu changes seasonally, allowing chefs to display the freshest and best ingredients, focusing on local, organic, and sustainable dishes. Le Papillon offers a beautiful venue and attentive staff, happy to wait on any culinary experience for a private anniversary dinner or dinner for up to fifty guests.

Address and Telephone Number: 410 Saratoga Avenue, San Jose, CA, USA + 1 408 296 3730

2. The Forêt

Restaurants in San Jose
Restaurants in San Jose

La Forêt is an exquisite French restaurant named for its lush forest landscape. Housed in a historic building dating back to the California Gold Rush, the renovated guesthouse now houses elegant dishes like cold-water Australian lobster tail with beurre blanc lime or beef tarragon tournedos with cabernet and cognac sauce.

Although La Forêt is located in the countryside just south of downtown San José, the 30-minute drive is well worth it for the quality of the food, the quaint atmosphere, and the attentive service you’ll receive upon arrival. La Forêt is another perfect place for special occasions and has dining options for banquets and weddings.

Called the “Jewel of the Amalden Valley” by critics, the beautiful wooded area and the historic building itself set the mood for a romantic evening in a good restaurant in the country.

Address and telephone number: 21747 Bertram Road, San Jose, CA, USA + 1 408 997 3458

3. Falafel Drive-In

Restaurants in San Jose
Restaurants in San Jose

Falafel Drive-In is a highway setting that offers authentic Middle Eastern food through a take-out window at the other end of the spectrum. Since 1966, this unsuspecting booth has gathered a following and has become a San Jose staple for a quick and tasty meal. There is almost always a line during opening hours, but it is well worth the wait. Falafel, of course, is a favorite with customers.

Still, Falafel Drive-In also serves a selection of fresh smoothies, other traditional foods such as chicken pita, tabbouleh, and gyros, along with the innovative burger, sausage, and French. Chips Outdoor seating is available with murals of the area on the surrounding walls. The falafels are light, crisp, and full of flavor, and the ingredients are always fresh. Falafel Drive-In will offer you fast and quality food, flooded with Mediterranean cuisine’s unique taste and spices.

Address and Telephone Number: 2301 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose, California, USA + 1 408 294 7886

4. Arcadia

Restaurants in San Jose
Restaurants in San Jose

Arcadia is a modern American steakhouse known for its excellent cuts of beef, fresh fish and poultry, and is the brainchild of celebrity chef Michael Mina. With recipes prepared by Mina himself and elegant and stylish décor, Arcadia features a touch of fine dining housed within the opulent San Jose Marriott.

Some of Mina’s classics on the menu include lobster dogs, ahi tuna tartare, truffled mac and cheese, and Maine cheese, and all the fried chicken for two. Some other favorites include any of the specialty steaks like the restaurant’s 28-ounce served with truffled mac and cheese, roasted mushrooms, and a trio of salsa.

Even the desserts have an air of decadence, with items like peaches and cream served with mascarpone panna cotta, poached hibiscus peaches, and blackberry sorbet, or the beignets with cinnamon sugar and caramel cream. Offering first-class service and a refreshing atmosphere, Arcadia serves delicious dishes from Zagat roast meats.

Address and Telephone Number: 100 W San Carlos St, San José, California, USA + 1 408 278 4555

5. Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant

Restaurants in San Jose
Restaurants in San Jose

Zeni Ethiopian Restaurant is a dining experience for adventurers seeking a cultural experience at home. With an authentic Ethiopian menu featuring items like Elitch wot, gomen design, quanta fir, and ye-ultimatum fit, the names of the dishes themselves can be intimidating, but don’t let that sway you.

The spices and flavors of this unique cuisine will melt your mouth, and you’ll feel so much better when you realize that the ingredients themselves aren’t all that strange. Alicia wot, for example, is a mild and spicy beef stew, extra-lean ground beef simmered in a mild sauce with spicy butter, onion, garlic, ginger, and turmeric. As for game design is a lamb on the bone cooked with collard greens, herb butter, garlic, ginger, onion, and green pepper. The real adventure begins as soon as you sit down.

Restaurants in San Jose

For a true cultural immersion, patrons can sit on the floor and eat with their hands while enjoying the colorful Ethiopian decor of the place.

Address and Telephone Number: 1320 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, California, USA + 1 408 615 8282

6. Caffe Frascati

10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose - 2022
Restaurants in San Jose

While Caffe Frascati is a more modern coffee shop, it also offers tasty coffee and wine, plus regular events like live music nights, open mic, and slam poetry. Inspired by the cafes of Rome, Caffe Frascati epitomizes the old-world decor of an authentic Italian restaurant.

With its casual atmosphere and homey loft, the cafe is a great place to work or study during the day and becomes a hangout at night. Some menu items include croissants, English muffins, and bagels, which are made into an egg sandwich you could want, cakes and desserts, various paninis and sandwiches, salads, and quiche, of course, and a variety of coffees. Teas and wines.

Caffe Frascati is a laid-back spot and is a great gathering place for anyone looking for good food and entertainment.

Address and Telephone Number: 315 South First Street, San José, California, USA + 1 408 287 0400

7. Aqui Cal-Mex

10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose - 2022
Restaurants in San Jose

Cal-Mex is a San Jose franchise that serves fast, quality food. When you walk into one of the warmly decorated restaurants, you place your order at the counter and wait at a table until the food is ready. While you wait, you can admire the walls of Aqui, which are adorned with unique works of art by talented local artists.

The menu features a cultural mix of Asian, American, and South American flavors with items such as adobo, chicken, lime avocado, mango, sesame chicken, Thai peanut bowl, California enchiladas, and cotija taquitos. For a quick and healthy bite that’s packed with flavor, stop at one of the Aqui Cal-Mex locations in San José.

Address and Telephone Number: 5679 Snell Ave, San Jose, CA, USA + 1 408 362 3456

8. Nemea Greek Taverna

10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose - 2022
Restaurants in San Jose

This place is a small taste of Greece in the heart of San José. It is dedicated to serving the freshest ingredients with exceptional quality and distinct flavors straight from the Mediterranean.

While enjoying the warm atmosphere of the restaurant itself, peruse a menu full of savory dishes such as lavraki, a Mediterranean bass, mesquite, stewed vegetables, roasted potatoes, with lemon vinaigrette or moschari souvlaki, a beef steak with mushrooms, onions. Nemea potatoes and yogurt dressing.

Nemea’s is an exclusive restaurant that offers the best authentic Greek cuisine and even occasionally lives music. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable about what they serve and offer the best hospitality. Nemea ‘

Address and Telephone Number: 96 S First Street, San Jose, California, USA + 1 408 279 4225

9. Veggie Grill

10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose - 2022
Restaurants in San Jose

Veggie Grill is a vegan restaurant that offers the best vegetables in new and innovative dishes. Try their Sonoran bowl filled with steamed quinoa and black beans seasoned with fire-roasted carrots or corn, avocado, salsa, jalapeños, tortilla strips, and roasted red pepper dip, or maybe you’d like a simple slice of mac and cheese, with organic, not – GMO rice pasta, VG cheese sauce, and breadcrumbs.

At Veggie Grill, vegetables, grains, nuts, and fruits are the superstars, and the complete healthy diet is at its best. Something like the harvest bowl with field roasted sausage, roasted herb veggies, super grains, steamed kale, porcini mushrooms, miso sauce, and hemp seeds delivers the meat flavors in an entirely vegan way. The menu is healthy and tasty.

Address and Telephone Number: 3055 Olin Ave. # 1030, San Jose, California, USA + 1 408 296 6473

10. Vito’s Trattoria

10 Best Must Try Restaurants in San Jose - 2022
Restaurants in San Jose

Vito’s Trattoria is a restaurant that offers authentic Italian cuisine, full of flavor and surrounds by excellent service. Prepared from original Italian family recipes, each dish has a touch of homemade comfort: the farfalle con Piselli e ‘prosciutto (bow-tie pasta with peas and ham in a garlic cream sauce) the simple homemade lasagna with meat and meat sausage. Since 2003, Vito’s has gathered a following from locals and outsiders alike for lunch and dinner.

The decor is charming and reminiscent of an Italian villa, and the staff is always hospitable and helpful. Vito’s also offers take-out pizza, a homemade pie that keeps people coming back for more. They also have a cafe next door with a good selection of salads, ready-to-go sandwiches, and pizza.

Address and telephone number: 90 Skyport Dr, San Jose, California, USA + 1 408 453 1000

When is the best time to visit San José?

Here is information to help you make a decision:

The best months for good weather in San José are January, February, March, April, and December.

On average, the warmest months are January, February, March, April, and May.

The rainiest months are May, June, August, September, and October.

What Tourist Places to visit in San José, USA?

  • Downtown San Jose, the USA
  • Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum
  • Winchester Mystery House
  • nteractive technology
  • Children’s Discovery Museum
  • The great America of California
  • Santana row
  • Happy Hollow Park and Zoo
  • Municipal rose garden

What are the best restaurants in San Jose that deliver?

  • Some of the most popular restaurants in San Jose that deliver are:
  • Bistro Tupaz
  • Swaad Indian Cuisine
  • Pizza My Heart

Some of the most popular restaurants in San Jose that provide takeaway are:

  • Falafel Drive In
  • Aqui Cal-Mex
  • Bill’s Café
  • San Jose Yelp Restaurants:
  • Le Papillon
  • Smoking Pig BBQ Company
  • LUNA Mexican Kitchen – The Alameda
  • Elyse
  • The Farmers Union
  • The Table

Of the Trattoria de Vito

“Established in 2003, Trattoria de Vito has built a loyal next of the natives of Silicon Valley and the newcomers equally. The owner of the Trattoria de Vito, George Nobile, has created a rich, authentic Italian menu for lunch, dinner and the Catered Affairs. Using the freshest seasonal ingredients, Vito establishes that it is not only a part of an Italian thematic chain but a good restaurant operated by the ancient owner, a real hidden gem in the heart of the first business district of San Joseph.

With a professional service staff service-oriented, Vito’s has quickly become a favorite lunch location for Silicon Valley lunch and dinner food products. It is a perfect place for a work lunch and a family dinner. “

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Restaurants San Jose

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