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15 Breathtaking North Carolina Beaches You Need to Visit 2022

north carolina beaches

15 Breathtaking North Carolina Beaches You Need to Visit 2022

With its bustling cities and amazing mountain towns, North Carolina is a state with many tourist opportunities. It also has over 300 miles of coastline to choose from and thousands of vacation homes to book.

If you’re looking for a nice and quiet spot for your next seaside summer vacation, then North Carolina should be considered. Whether the beaches are picturesque and beautiful or only accessible by boat, there is something that makes North Carolina’s coastlines unique.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 beaches in North Carolina:

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1. Atlantic Beach

North Carolina Beaches
north carolina beaches

Situated on Bogue Banks, one of North Carolina’s barrier islands, Atlantic Beach is part of North Carolina’s famous Glass Coast. It has crystal clear water and is ideal for a family vacation.

Atlantic Beach offers a wide variety of restaurants to suit all travelers. You will find everything from ice cream parlors and fast-food restaurants to elegant 5-course restaurants. When it comes to shopping, there are several surf shops and a few boutiques on the beach.

After a day at the beach, check out the North Carolina Aquarium, located in the center of the island, one of the most popular attractions here.

Chances are you won’t find many resorts and hotels. Luxurious Atlantic Beach, only affordable private homes available for rent.

2. Wrightsville Beach

North Carolina Beaches

Known for its wide sandy beaches and deep blue waters, Wrightsville Beach is one of North Carolina’s best beaches and attracts many travelers from all.

There are 44 public access points to Wrightsville Beach, which means crowds of visitors are usually scattered along the stretch, so you won’t have to fight for a seat.

Wrightsville Beach is also a popular destination for kitesurfers and surfers. Even inexperienced surfers can practice their skills here, as in the summer season, the waves are quite gentle, and the water is shallow. Please note that boating is strictly prohibited right in front of the lifeguard counters.

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3. Nags head

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

Nags Head has the classic Outer Banks vibe and is a great place for anyone who loves to hang out at the beach. Expect to find a mix of beach activities and nearby attractions, such as mini-golf courses, go-kart tracks for kids, and dozens of ice cream parlors. This pet-friendly beach also attracts many tourists who like to go horse riding.

Once you’ve got plenty of time on the beach, head to some of the area’s most popular attractions, including the famous Jockey’s Ridge State Park. The Jeannette Pier or the Bodie Island Lighthouse offers stunning views of the surrounding area for scenic walks. Areas.

You will also find many restaurants in the area that serve grilled dishes and delicious seafood sandwiches.

4. Carova

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

One of the most secluded beaches in North Carolina, Carova is the perfect destination for vacationers looking to escape the city lifestyle and crowded beaches.

One of the reasons Carova is such a secluded place is because there aren’t many paved roads in the area. The beach can only reach by a 4×4 car, and there are no restaurants or gas stations nearby. Be sure to stock up on food and essentials as there are also no supermarkets here.

Today’s beaches are extremely clean, and the water is warm, especially in the summer season. Carova Beach may not be the best place for families with children due to the lack of amenities and lifeguard stations. Still, it is an interesting place for those who like privacy and wildlife.

When it comes to accommodation, private houses for rent are the only option available.

5. Carolina Beach

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

Carolina Beach is located in New Hanover and has a white-sand coast perfect for fishing and surfing. Children love this place with lots of attractions and games on the promenade. There are also live music performances on the promenade, as well as other events throughout the year.

If you’re bored of sitting in the sun, be sure to visit the nearby Carolina Beach State Park, which has many amenities, including a marina, several campgrounds, and hiking trails. Rare plants, such as the Venus trap, can be seen in the wetlands of the park.

There are several restaurants, an ice cream parlor and a delicious donut shop in the strip.

6. Topsail Island

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

With a population of just 500 inhabitants, Topsail Island is a charming place that is still somehow maintained to preserve its natural beauty and boasts

Three amazing beach communities. Surf City, North Topsail Beach, and Topsail Beach all stretch across 26 miles of coastline, and the lack of commercialization provides a tranquil environment.

Once upon a time, this island could only be reached by boat, but today, two bridges are in use.

The temperature is mild all year round, and the waters are relatively warm even after the summer season. Due to the lack of cliffs and slopes, the beaches are ideal for families with children.

Expect to find many seashells from the Atlantic Ocean and do water sports such as boating and kayaking on the Intercoastal Canal. You can also meet the popular loggerhead turtles that come to the dunes to lay their eggs.

7. Emerald Island

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

Emerald Isle is located in County Carteret at the end of Bogue Banks, offering 12 miles of spectacular coastline. There is only one seaside hotel called Islander Hotel & Resort, but many private apartments and apartments can be rented.

The beaches are family-friendly, and if you are lucky, you might even see a dolphin or two. Emerald Isle boasts a pristine location and welcomes travelers seeking a relaxing holiday without 5-star amenities and services.

If you’re hungry, check out all the nice restaurants in the area. Big Oak Drive-In and Bar-BQ are famous for their shrimp burgers, and Jackie’s American Grille is an upscale Italian restaurant serving the best pasta ever.

8. Bald Head

North Carolina Beaches

Bald Head Island, located near the town of Wilmington in Brunswick, is only accessible by ferry from Southport and is home to many sea turtle nests. Sun lovers will be happy to know that the coastline along Cape Fear is the perfect destination for a vacation.

There are not many cars on the island, and people prefer to use golf carts to get from one beach to another. 

There are three main beaches on the island. North Beach is the largest and perfect place to relax when the tide goes off. Water sports such as rowing and kitesurfing are some of the most popular activities, but keep in mind that the currents can be strong at high tide.

If you are looking for amazing views, head to West Beach, where beautiful views await. But breaking currents are strong, so swimming is often impossible and often not recommended.

South Beach is the most popular beach for families due to its warm water, cool breezes and easy access to the water.

In addition to its stunning beaches, Bald Head Island is also home to one of the state’s oldest lighthouses, Old Baldy.

9. Lake Lure Beach

North Carolina Beaches

Lure Beach Lake, located on the River Broad, is an artificial lake surrounded by the magnificent Blue Ridge Mountains. The lake covers 700 acres with over 20 miles of coastline. Beach lovers can relax in the sun, swim in the calm waters or have a picnic on the sandy beach by the lake.

The beach is perfect for families with children and even includes a water park with huge slides. Visitors will also find a beach house where various necessities such as towels, drinks, water toys and sunscreen can be purchased for a beautiful beach day at Lake Lure.

10. Kitty Hawk

North Carolina Beaches

Visit the historic coastal town of Kitty Hawk and discover its marine forest reserve and a fabulous beach. Filled with low-rise buildings, the town still retains its rustic character and retains its unique character.

Many accommodation rental companies in the city offer good deals for a perfect vacation by the sea. Expect delicious grilled food at local venues, homemade ice cream and tasty seafood at Kitty Hawk restaurants.

The quirky name of this coastal city links to its Native American roots, and one of the main attractions is the memorial site of the Wrights Brothers First Flight.

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11. Kure Beach

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

Kure Beach, located on Bogue Banks, is famous for its laid-back atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and rich marine life. It is also perfect for water sports such as diving, snorkeling, fishing and surfing.

Travelers who want to do more than relax on the beach can visit the Civil War relic, Fort Fisher, or see alligators, stingrays. Seahorses, sea turtles and sharks at Kure Beach Aquarium.

Kure Beach also has one of the oldest fishing jetties on the entire Atlantic coast and many local restaurants serving delicious local specialties. Why not play golf or take a long walk on one of the many hiking trails in the area?

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12. Salvo Beach

North Carolina Beaches

The Outer Banks of North Carolina is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the region, Salvo Beach. You won’t find many shopping opportunities or attractions in this small town, but the beach itself is enough to attract tourists from all over the world.

Yes, other Outer Banks beaches offer more services and amenities, but the Salvo sandy beach beaches and easy water activities make them the most popular of all.

Tourists planning to stay here should know that the accommodation options are private rental houses only. If you are interested in kiteboarding, head to the Salvo day zone, where other kiteboarders show off their skills.

Those who prefer calmer waters or are on vacation with children should visit Pamlico Sound.

13. Frisco Beach

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

Located on the island of Hatteras, Frisco Beach is an ideal beach for swimming due to the lack of slopes. If you want to relax and have a good time on the beach, you’ve come to the right place.

There are several restaurants and grocery stores in the area so that you won’t be hungry for long. If you’re looking for a place to stay, travelers can camp at campsites, including Frisco Woods Campground and the National Park. There are also some houses for rent in the high season.

You can ride buggies, play miniature golf or visit a company that offers private tours from the island!

14. The Canadian Hole

North Carolina Beaches

Canadian Hole, one of the most famous beaches of Pamlico Sound, located on Hatteras Island, offers excellent weather conditions for water sports all year round, such as kiteboarding, paddleboarding and windsurfing.

Thanks to its calm and warm waters, the Canadian Hole attracts many young families. From summer to fall, the waters are almost flat, and the views of the Hatteras Lighthouse at night are amazing.

There are no hotels here, just private houses for rent at affordable prices.

15. Harkers Island

North Carolina Beaches
North Carolina Beaches

If you are looking for white-sand beaches and nature trails for hiking, Harkers Island is the perfect destination for a summer seaside vacation. The small town is famous for building boats, hunting ducks, constructing wild boars and carving decoys for waterfowl.

The beaches are great for sunbathing, and some parts of the coast allow easy access to fish. Swimmers. Be sure to visit Cape Lookout Lighthouse and enjoy amazing sunset views. Here’s a curiosity for you: the island has been isolat from the rest of the Outer Banks for almost 300 years, and the locals speak a different dialect!.

Which beach in NC has the clearest water?

Image result for north carolina beaches
north carolina beaches

Shackleford Banks Has The Absolute Bluest Water In North Carolina | North carolina beaches, Crystal coast north carolina, Harkers island.

What is the number one beach in North Carolina?

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North Carolina Beaches

1. Atlantic Beach. Located on the state’s famed Crystal Coast, Atlantic Beach is one of the more popular destinations, owing largely to its location and the fact that it faces south, protecting it from the wind and waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

What is the least crowded beach in North Carolina?

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north carolina beaches

Emerald Isle Beach, North Carolina

Beaches are not usually crowded, making it a good place for swimming, body boarding, and shelling – just watch out for its population of nesting sea turtles

What is the cheapest beach to visit in North Carolina?

Although Wrightsville Beach made the most affordable beach list, it’s the most expensive on the list in North Carolina. HomeToGo based the rankings on the prices for the following items: Parking.

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