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20 Mind Blowing Best Time To Visit London 2022

Best Time To Visit London

20 Mind Blowing Best Time To Visit London 2022

Join the rushing crowd to admire the dozens of Royal Guards in red costumes and bear hair headdresses parading to the rhythm of the fanfare, some on foot, others on horseback, starting from Wellington Barracks ( about 500 meters from the palace) to the interior of the castle courtyard. Best Time To Visit London

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1. Attend the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Best Time To Visit London

If I had to name a single iconic tourist attraction in London, it would surely be this: the Changing of the Royal Guard in front of the Palace of the Queen of England. Best Time To Visit London

It is the opportunity to see an astonishing spectacle and immerse yourself in the world of the English monarchy.

Join the rushing crowd to admire the dozens of Royal Guards in red costumes and bear hair headdresses parading to the rhythm of the fanfare, some on foot, others on horseback, starting from Wellington Barracks ( about 500 meters from the palace) to the interior of the castle courtyard. Best Time To Visit London

The changing of the guard takes place every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday at 11 am.

This ceremony, which lasts about 40 minutes, attracts thousands of tourists every day, especially in summer. If you also want to discover the history of the next generation and attend the inspection of the guards with a guide, I recommend that you. 

The changing of the guard is canceled in bad weather (no, I won’t make a joke about the bad weather in London! Fortunately, a calendar is available on the Internet to check if the changeover takes place. You can 

Travel Tips

2. Take a walk in Hyde Park

Best Time To Visit London

Hyde Park is the city’s most significant green space. Like Central Park in New York or Parc Mont-Royal in Montreal, Canada, it is one of The world’s most beautiful urban parks.

A walk-in at Hyde Park is a must during your stay in London. It is the perfect place for a summer picnic or lunch on the terrace by the water.

At the end of the year, you’ll also find a large Christmas market in Hyde Park. And if you’re visiting London with the family, your kids can enjoy the Winter Wonderland Funfair and the UK’s largest ice rink.

In the summer, many concerts and festivals are held.

Little curiosity: Do not miss the “Speaker’s Corner” at the northeast corner of the Park where anonymous people come to speak every Sunday who wishes to pass messages to passers-by. Without a touch of humor.

Hyde Park

3. Party in the Soho neighborhood

Best Time To Visit London

We continue this London tourist guide through the Soho district.

Soho is one of the minor areas in London, but it’s also the busiest.

The center of London’s nightlife, Soho is home to the trendiest pubs, theaters, restaurants, cinemas, and nightclubs. Soho is also part of the tourist center of London, with many places of interest such as Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, China Town, and Oxford Street.

It is always crowded at night, and if you want to party in London and wonder where to go out, you will know this is the perfect place!

Travel Tips

If you are looking for an authentic experience to do in Soho, I particularly recommend that you choose a Harry Potter-themed guided tour.

Departing from Soho, your guide will take you to iconic movie locations, including Diagon Alley, Gringotts, Pier 9 3/4, Alley of Mists, and more. It’s well done, and the guide is super friendly.

To book your Harry Potter guided tour, you have to click on the button below:

London’s Soho district

4. Piccadilly Circus – Best Time To Visit London

Best Time To Visit London

Piccadilly Circus is the city’s must-see crossroads and the emblem of modern and commercial London. It is impossible not to have in mind the image of this lively square with giant advertising screens that broadcast advertisements 24/7.

It’s a bit like London’s Times Square, in a smaller version.

This square connects the Soho district with the main shopping streets of Regent Street, Shaftesbury Avenue, and Covent Street, among others.

In its center, the angel who sits atop the Shaftesbury Memorial fountain seems to be watching the scene.

A must-see in London, following a stroll in Soho, preferably in the evening to appreciate the contrast of the lights.

Piccadilly Circus in the evening

5. Covent Garden – Best Time To Visit London

Best Time To Visit London

Among the things to see in London, I recommend that you go to Covent Garden.

The London Halls were once located in Covent Garden but, having become too small, they moved in the 1970s.

Fortunately, Covent Garden has kept its pretty glass roof, which makes the place so charming, and under which many shops, workshops, restaurants, and even a museum are housed today the London Transport Museum.

It’s a lovely area with shopping streets and lots of entertainment and street shows. On Saturday morning, you can discover the craft market (very, very touristy!). Best Time To Visit London

Covent Garden, London

6. Shop on Oxford Street – Best Time To Visit London

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

Oxford Street is like London’s Champs Elysees.

If you fancy affordable shopping in London, this is it. Of hundreds of boutiques, fashion, decorative, and others are linked over 2.5 kilometers long. The most famous English chains (Mark & ​​Spencer, Primark, TopShop, River Island, Lush, The Body Shop. Best Time To Visit London

Ideal for window shopping and having fun for a bit of afternoon.

Oxford Street, London

7. Visit the National Gallery museum

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

This museum dedicated to art exhibits one of the largest collections of works of art in Western Europe. You can admire more than 2300 paintings, which date from the 13th to the 20th century. It is where the famous Van Gogh Sunflowers are on display!

Founded in 1824, the National Gallery is located in Trafalgar Square, this famous square guarded by four big black lions. It is one of the finest museums in London and is perfect for a cultural sightseeing break in the middle of your stay. Best Time To Visit London

Like all national museums in London, the National Gallery is accessible all year round. A free activity to do in London, go for it!

The museum is open every day from 10 am to 6 pm, until 9 pm on Fridays.

To find out more, it’s on

The National Gallery in London

8. Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

If you want to see one of London’s iconic landmarks, head to Big Ben! Indeed the most famous image of London and one of the most potent symbols of the city and all England: the reputation of Big Ben is well established.

Built in 1858, this enormous clock tower (the Clock Tower) is an integral part of the Palace of Westminster, also known as the Houses of Parliament.

The Clock Tower is 106 meters high and is adorned at its top with four giant clocks of 7 meters in diameter, each installed on each side.

Big Ben and the magnificent Palace of Westminster are, of course, must-sees on a trip to London. On the other hand, you can only admire them from the outside since only the British are allowed to visit the interior of the Clock Tower. And even they are forced to apply months in advance!

On the other hand, a few steps from Big Ben, you can visit Westminster Abbey, the place of coronation of the kings and queens of England. Remember to 

To organize your visit, you can also consult

La Minute Culture Travel Tips

In reality, Big Ben does not refer to the clock: it is the name given to the enormous 14-ton bell located inside the Tower, which rings every hour.

Big ben

9. The London Eye – Best Time To Visit London

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

The London Eye is the giant Ferris wheel in Europe, with each capsule accommodating up to 25 people.

It is located on the banks of the Thames, very close to Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. You have to reserve your place in advance, but the panoramic view over all of London from the 130-meter-high summit is well worth it!

The wheel spins very slowly, and a complete revolution takes 30 minutes. It’s an original way to discover London from above, which will amaze young and old alike.

To be sure you can take advantage of it during your vacation in London and have a skip-the-line ticket, 

Take a Ferris wheel ride at the London Eye

10.Tower Bridge – Best Time To Visit London

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

The Tower Bridge is recognizable from afar thanks to its two immense Gothic-style towers and its sky-blue frames.

Another symbolic monument of London, this bridge built over the Thames at the end of the 19th century, was, at the time, the most sophisticated weighbridge in the world.

Today it allows thousands of drivers and pedestrians to cross from the north shore to the south coast. If you’re there at the right time, you might even see it split open to let the big boats pass. Best Time To Visit London

Tower Bridge can be admired from the banks of the Thames belowAt night it is even more spectacular with all its twinkling lights. You can, of course, cross it on foot, and the more curious will visit the old engine room housed inside the towers. Best Time To Visit London

You will be able to look at the old hydraulic system, which ensured the lifting of the bridge until 1976. On the upper decks, you can also walk on a glass walkway to have the impression of flying over the Thames.

 Tickets for the Tower Bridge tour can be purchased by c here.

Tower Bridge, London

11. The Tower of London

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

Very close to Tower Bridge, the Tower of London (the Tower of London) stands on the north bank of the Thames.

The site is listed as a UNESCO heritage site. The foundations of this fortress date back to 1066, and it served as both a royal residence, prison, and place of execution.

Today it is a museum on medieval history, which notably houses the Crown Jewels. The very aesthetic exteriors of the Tower are also worth a look.

It’s a family-friendly activity in London that is sure to be a hit with children.

Remember to book your tickets as it gets crowded, especially in summer.

Travel Tips

Be at the Tower for the opening and start by visiting the Crown Jewels before the other parts. At the end of the morning, the queue quickly becomes impressive. 

The Tower of London

12. Take a walk on the banks of the Thames

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

When the weather allows it, it is enjoyable to walk on the banks arranged on the edge of the Thames.

Several circuits are possible, but I recommend the walk from the old docks of Southwark to Butler’s Wharf. Along the way, you will come across a succession of iconic monuments such as the London Eye, the Tate Modern Museum, the Globe Theater, and the Millennium Bridge. Best Time To Visit London

Your steps will guide you to the Tower of London to finally arrive at Tower Bridge. Best Time To Visit London

It is an ideal walk to visit London during a romantic or family afternoon.

And if you want to take a cruise on the Thames and see most of London’s sights by boat, I recommend that your excursion. On the same principle as the hop-on / hop-off buses, you can get on and off the ship as many times as you want. In addition, the tickets are valid for 24 hours which is very practical.

Thames River Cruise & Ride, London

13. The Notting Hill district

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

Among the districts to see in London, pass by that of Notting Hill.

Notting Hill is one of London’s upscale neighborhoods. It looks like a small peaceful village with its elegant pastel-colored mansions.

Made famous thanks to the film “Love at first sight in Notting Hill,” here you are in the footsteps of Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Fans will not fail to go and locate the filming locations.

In Notting Hill, you shouldn’t miss the Portobello Road flea market, which is open every morning. It is an opportunity to browse the many antiques, second-hand clothes, and other unusual objects offered on the stands. You can also eat a whole bunch of culinary specialties. Best Time To Visit London

Notting Hill is also known for its annual carnival, which takes place the last weekend of August. This parade of more than 5 kilometers to the sounds of Caribbean music is a spectacle to experience with family or friends if you have the chance to be there at the right time.

Notting hill

14. Take a walk to Camden Town Market

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

If you don’t know what to do in London, I recommend going to Camden Town.

Camden Town in London’s trendy and atypical district, the haunt of punks, Gothics, and alter globalism in the very north of London.

All along the main street are a succession of eccentric clothing shops, piercing and tattoo parlors, thrift stores. The facades of the shops are all decorated in a very original way with giant shoes, frescoes, and other figurines in shapes. And psychedelic colors. This is where we discover British eccentricity in all its glory. Best Time To Visit London

It is a vibrant area, mainly thanks to its market open every day from 10 am to 6 pm: the Camden Lock Market. It is still a must-see flea market for the first stay in London. There are stands each more demented than the last. It’s an opportunity to find treasures, but also to stroll along the Regent’s Canal, to taste street food from around the world, to listen to live music, and to have a great time.

Camden Town

15. Regent’s Park – Best Time To Visit London

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

Located in North London, Regent’s Park is one of the city’s eight lungs.

This 166-hectare Park is the most flowery in the city and certainly one of the most beautiful. Formerly named Marylebone Park, it was a hunting estate that belonged to the royal family. In 1811, George IV asked Josh Nash to develop the Park and build sumptuous properties, including a palace. Best Time To Visit London

The project did not succeed due to a lack of funds, and the Park became public in 1930. Nash was, however, able to build the superb neoclassical mansions that you will see all around the Park.

Regent’s Park is the ideal place in London for jogging, enjoying a romantic or family picnic, or for a simple walk in the countryside.

The Park’s lake allows for pedal boat or boat trips.

You will also find playgrounds for children, sports fields, cafes, and restaurants. Best Time To Visit London

Not to be missed in summer: the magnificent rose garden in Queen’s Mary Gardens.

16. Tate Britain and Tate Modern museums

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

London is truly the city of museums. Here are two more must-haves and free!

The Tate Britain Museum has located on the banks of the Thames to the south of the district of Westminster. It is devoted to 5 centuries of British art and honors many iconic artists such as Turner, Hogarth, Francis Bacon, William Blake, etc. You can admire a vibrant collection of paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Dating from the sixteenth century to the present day.

If Tate Britain focuses on 100% British art, the Tate Modern Museum is generally devoted to modern art. It is located on the south bank of the Thames opposite Saint Paul’s Cathedral. Best Time To Visit London

Plan your visit through 

Travel Tips

The Tate Boat connects the two museums by the river and connects every day, every 40 minutes. So you can easily link the two museums together in one afternoon. 

Tate Modern Museum, London

17. The Chelsea district

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

Where to go in London if you love luxury? In Chelsea!

An upscale district of central London, Chelsea is known for its luxury stores, the countless designer boutiques lined up along King’s Road (the community’s main artery), Duck of York square, bars, restaurants, Saatchi Galler. Best Time To Visit London Best Time To Visit London

But what visitors don’t always know is that Chelsea also has a whole different side to offer the discerning tourist: pretty, quiet little streets dotted with stunning and colorful houses.

Do not miss going for a walk on Burnsall Street, Godfrey Street, or Bywater Street, a pretty cul-de-sac bordered by lovely terraced houses with colorful facades. It is also a trendy street that attracts shoots and photoshoots for fashion and cinema.

Chelsea district, London

18. The British Museum

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

Another must-see museum in London and one of the most visited sites in all of Great Britain: the famous British Museum, which traces the history and culture of man.

Opened to the public in 1759, it initially exhibited the collections of Dr. Hans Sloane and then gradually grew, until today presenting more than 7 million objects from all over the world.

The archeology lovers will be served, especially since many remain mummies and mythical pieces like the Rosetta Stone in the British Museum. Best Time To Visit London

Apart from the collections presented there, the building that houses the museum is a masterpiece of architecture, particularly the entrance, called The Great Court, with its central dome and its glass and steel roof.

The museum is free for all and is open every day from 10 am to 5.30 pm. Other practical information 

British Museum, London

19. Attend a musical – Best Time To Visit London

 Best Time To Visit London
Best Time To Visit London

You can’t go to London without experiencing the magic of a musical in one of the theaters in the Soho district.

 It is THE outing to do when you first come to the English capital, a moment of pure wonder. London is renowned for its excellent “musicals” of which you have a wide choice all year round.

From legendary musicals to the most intimate in small establishments, you should not miss devoting an evening to them.

Be sure to catch the famous musical “Les Misérables” at the Queen’s Theater in London. 

And if you prefer the no less famous “Phantom of the Opera,” it’s also here!

Attend the musical “les Misérables”, in London Best Time To Visit London

20. Madame Tussauds – Best Time To Visit London

Best Time To Visit London

One of the most famous and visited museums in London, Madame Tussauds. It’s the British Grevin Museum, bigger and more spectacular.

The game consists of having a photo taken in the arms of the latest fashionable singers or actors, of the royal family in full force, of English sovereigns, or great artists like Picasso, Oscar Wilde, or the Beatles wax statues. Are realistic, a guaranteed effect! Best Time To Visit London

When to go to London on the cheap?

Compared to the statistical average price, November, December, January, February, and March are cheaper to travel to London. So it might be interesting to book now to leave these months!

When to travel to England?

The best season to visit England is undoubtedly the period from April to September. July and August offer temperatures that are often summery but of course, like everywhere, these are the months during which most tourists like to visit the country!

When is it snowing in London?

Winter begins in December and the temperatures, as you can imagine, are low, although it is not the coldest month. Slight possibility of snow. Temperatures vary between 3 ° C and 8 ° C. Sunset before 5 pm

How to go to London?

If you’re traveling to Europe, you can choose to travel to London by taking the train. The Eurostar line leaves from Paris, and the journey lasts 2.5 hours. 

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