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10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

When you visit Slovenia, you will see that much of it is a green and mountainous nature of valleys, forests, and rivers. Nature is AMAZING! But besides that, in Slovenia, there are also super lovely cities.

Cities like Ljubljana and Bled are surrounded by lakes and forests and feature perfectly preserved medieval and Renaissance buildings.

Let’s take a look at the 10 most beautiful cities in Slovenia!

1. Ljubljana – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

Ljubljana. Aside from having the most excellent name, this city is also incredibly charming. Most of it has to do with how green the Slovenian capital is.

It’s surrounded by mountains, has a lazy river running through it, a medieval castle perched on top, and plenty of charming dragon statues dotted around town.

I love Ljubljana, and it is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia.

Things to do in Ljubljana

I’ve already written a post about the best things to do in Ljubljana, but here are the highlights you won’t want to miss:

  • Ljubljana Dragon Bridge – A bridge decorated with four substantial dragon statues (a fantastic sight!)
  • Metelkova is an area of ​​hipster art and former military barracks in Ljubljana with lots of street art, clubs, and studios.
  • Ljubljana Castle is an imposing beast that can be seen almost anywhere in the city. Going up to the castle gives you incredible views of the city. You can also go up by cable car if climbing those steep stairs isn’t your thing (I don’t blame you).

Where to stay – Celica Hostel

This hostel was once, and for 100 years, a political prison in Ljubljana. You can stay in your private cell and explore the rest of the prison-turned-hostel. They have a barbecue and cocktail night and a garden and dining room.

2. Lake Bled – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022
10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

Bled is a city in Slovenia with the most beautiful lake. Lake Bled is extraordinary and certainly one of the best places to visit in Slovenia.

It is a quiet little town of medieval, gothic, and renaissance buildings and streets lined with great cafes and restaurants. Plus, it’s super easy to get from Ljubljana to Bled.

Things to do at Lake Bled

Not surprisingly, many of the best things to do in Lake Bled have to do with the lake itself. The good thing is that the city is located on the very edge of Lake Bled. Here are some of the best sights:

  • Visit Bled Castle – The 1,000-year-old Bled Castle sits on a rock. You can see the entire lake and the city in the distance from the castle. If you wonder what to see in Slovenia, this should be on your list.
  • Try the Bled cake – This fantastic local dessert is a delight. It’s a cream cake made with rum and lemon rind – a must-try local food!
  • Row to the Church of the Assumption – You can rent your rowboat and head to the church that sits on an island in the heart of the lake. You can even have a small picnic.

Where to stay – Old House of Bled

A beautiful hotel in the city of Bled, just 300 m from the lake. It is an old Renaissance building completely renovated and very charming. Stone walls and wooden furniture make for a picturesque stay in Bled. 

3. Maribor – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

Despite the popularity of Bled, Maribor is Slovenia’s second-largest city. The whole place has the charm and beauty of a living piece of Renaissance art.

Wine is one of the aspects that define Maribor Slovenia and its surroundings, and it is one of the best-preserved old towns in Europe.

Things to do in Maribor

  • Visit the Old Vine House – You cannot come to Maribor, Slovenia, and not see the oldest vine in the world. This 440-year-old plant continues to make wine, which is now reserved for gifts to important visitors to the country.
  • Maribor Cathedral – This 900-year-old cathedral was initially built in a medieval design and later refurbished in a more gothic style.
  • The Plague Column – A 300-year-old monument to the lives lost during the plague. A stunning piece of art and a worthy reminder of how precious life is.

Where to stay – Chateau Ramšak

This luxurious vineyard campsite features a hot tub, total relaxation, and a continental breakfast.

4. Piran – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022
10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

Once upon a time, Piran was a sleepy fishing village. Today it is one of the main tourist destinations in Slovenia. Piran is defined by its impressive Venetian architecture, amazing wellness spas, and super delicious local cuisine.

Things to do in Piran

  • Tartini Square – The first place you’ll want to visit to get an idea of ​​the city is Tartini Square. It is the wheel on which the rest of the city turns. It also has a bell tower to climb to see the city.
  • Take a boat ride – Sailing on a boat from the port gives you that feeling of freedom and a tremendous photographic angle of Piran.
  • St. George’s Church – A magnificently carved Renaissance church that sits on the water’s edge.

Where to stay – Hotel Piran

A beautiful 4-star hotel located on the water’s edge and just 100 meters from Tartini Square. The hotel also has an aromatherapy boutique where you can enjoy saunas and massages.

5. Koper – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

Koper is the oldest city in Slovenia and one of the few on the coast. An area of ​​Koper is known as the old town and was initially Venetian. Over the years, it has been restored, but history is still felt at its core.

There are also surrounding beaches close to town, so bring your bathing suit!

Things to do nearby

  • Climb the bell tower – One of the best things you can do when you arrive in a new place is climb the tower or the tallest building and get an idea of ​​the place. In Koper, that place is the bell tower.
  • Praetorian Palace – An 800-year-old seat of power with a Venetian Gothic design with all white walls, beautiful carvings, and gargoyles.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary – A grand cathedral standing for 800 years. It is probably the most beautiful piece of architecture in the area.

Where to stay – Museum Apartments

Located near the water’s edge, this modern apartment in an old stone building is a stunning mix of styles. You have a spacious house, complete facilities, and an Italian breakfast every morning. And yes, Italian. It is 8 km from the border with Italy.

6. Kranj – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

Kranj, in Slovenia, is a very forgotten little town. It’s located between Ljubljana and Lake Bled, so many people pass by, but few go. And it’s a shame.

From Kranj, Slovenia is open for you. You can quickly get to Ljubljana, Bled, and the Vintgar Gorge, and Kranj is a truly idyllic place.

Things to do in Kranj

  • World War II Tunnels – Built-in 1944, these tunnels were meant to be used in case of air raids. Nowadays, you can head to the city and explore them yourself. When it comes to what to see in Slovenia, this is one of the unique experiences. 
  • See local art – The art center, Layer House, displays some of the best art by Slovenian poets, painters, and photographers.
  • Hike the Canyon Trail – Go down outside town to find a nature trail along the Kokra River.

Where to stay – Apartment Na Skali

A cozy and private apartment in the very center of the city, with all the furniture and comfort you need to feel entirely at home.

7. Bovec – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

The charming town of Bovec is located on the edge of Slovenia’s Triglav National Park. The park is reason enough to visit it and stay for a few days. The views of the wild and rugged Slovenian mountains from every fairway are amazing.

Things to do in Bovec

  • Rafting: Get out of the city and into the Soca Valley, where you can try your hand at rapids (if you dare).
  • Cliff Jumping: Many river areas are calm pools with rocks jutting above, natural springboards!
  • Hike to Virje waterfall: A short hike from Bovec will take you to the beautiful Virje waterfall, a very peaceful place.

Where to stay – Apartma Zornik

A beautiful and grand building in the green hills of Bovec. Here you have a spacious and modern apartment to yourself, with enough space for a family.

8. Kobarid – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022
10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

Just a 20-minute drive from Bovec, you will find Kobarid, a city with a rich and deep history. The Battle of Caporetto, for example, was commemorated in Hemingway’s masterpiece A Farewell to Arms.

Kobarid is located in the beautiful Soca Valley, a must-see area with spectacular landscapes that you should not miss during your trip to Slovenia.

Things to do in Kobarid

  • Kobarid Museum – The First World War defines this city, and in this museum, you will find exhibits that show some of the events of the war which affected this city.
  • Napoleon Bridge is a fantastic bridge that crosses over the Soca River, just outside Kobarid.
  • Xpoint is an agency that can take you to the river for rafting, kayaking, and other exciting water sports. If you want to do exciting things in Slovenia, they can take you there.
  • Kozjak Waterfall – A beautiful waterfall hidden inside a cave, a few kilometers from Kobarid.

Where to stay – Pri nas Apartments

This cabin has surrounding gardens and views of the mountains. Here you are 800m from the river, and you have a bright and beautiful apartment all to yourself.

9. Kranjska Gora – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

Kranjska Gora is an alpine winter resort famous for being one of the best places to ski in Europe. In addition to skiing, you can also visit an impressive Russian chapel initially built by prisoners of World War I 1 and the beautiful Lake Jasna.

Things to do in Kranjska Gora

  • Hiking – There is over 100 km of hiking trails to explore the hills and mountains of this wilderness area. Hiking itself is one of the best things to do in Slovenia.
  • Visit Lake Jasna – A lake surrounded by lush forests and steep hills. You can swim here or relax during the day.
  • Dine at Milka Restaurant – A serene spot overlooking Lake Jasna serving a variety of delicious local specialties.

Where to stay – Vila Mojca

A very modern apartment, with a huge TV and a fireplace. You will feel at home in a beautifully decorated apartment in the rugged heart of Slovenia that is Kranjska Gora. 

10. Ptuj – Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

This quiet place is one of the lesser-known cities in Slovenia. It is a small paradise of rural life and ancient architecture. As it moved through Slovenia, what was once a key location for the Roman Empire is now a charming, picturesque town of colorful houses and a hilltop castle.

Things to do in Ptuj

  • Visit the oldest winery in Slovenia: Ptujka Klet is a winery dating back to the 13th century! Here you can learn about the long history of wine construction.
  • Explore Ptuj Castle – A short walk from the city takes you to one of the oldest castles in the country, from where you can get a view of the entire city.
  • Visit the Orpheus Monument – ​​In the Slovenian square of Ptuj stands an almost 2,000-year-old marble monument, eroded by time and epic.

Where to stay – Muzikafe Bed and Breakfast

Bright and colorful rooms with the feel of a Spanish villa. Live local music evenings. A beautiful porch with views of the city. This place is a little haven in the middle of Ptuj. 

What do you think of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia? By the way, don’t forget to try Slovenian food on your trip to the country. It is exquisite!

Frequently Asked Questions: Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia

Is Slovenia pretty?

The Rough Guides created a new list of the 20 most beautiful countries in the world. Scotland tops the chart, with Slovenia in the golden middle, while Vietnam wraps up the list.

Is Slovenia a nice place to live?

There are gorgeous mountains and lakes, historic cities, and exceptionally warm people. Slovenia ranks 10 th in World’s Best Countries to Live. All countries were evaluated in 9 categories: Cost of Living, Culture and Leisure, Economy, Environment, Freedom, Health, Infrastructure, Safety and Risk, and Climate.

Are Slovenians friendly?

Slovenians are hospitable and friendly people, and they want to make their guests feel like kings. Locals in Slovenia will be happy to introduce visitors to their traditional food, culture, monuments, and natural wonders.

Is Slovenia expensive?

Slovenia is not an expensive destination by European travel standards, and our travel budget for Slovenia reflected that: groceries and most restaurant meals were less expensive than in the USA, though the prices predictably jumped in destinations that see a lot of tourists.

What is Slovenia most famous for?

Slovenia is famous for its beautiful landscapes, lakes and dramatic Scenery. It is a perfect place for adventure seekers and nature lovers. This country is home to one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and some of the best ski resorts in Europe.

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10 Most Beautiful Cities in Slovenia: Complete Guide 2022

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