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11 Most Beautiful Pink Sand Beach Around the World 2022

Pink Sand Beaches

11 Most Beautiful Pink Sand Beach Around the World 2022

Beach lovers look for three main characteristics in a vacation: sun, sand and surf. Those hoping to bring their sunny vacation to bucket list territory will pick a spot that offers something rare and spectacular, like a pink sand beach.

A photographer’s dream, the contrast between the rose-dyed strands and the sparkling turquoise seas is breathtaking. These rare beauties, flushed with crushed coral and shells off their shores, also present travelers with spectacular places to swim, snorkel and dive.

Fortunately, you can find stunning pink sand beaches spread worldwide: we are talking about Bermuda Islands, Greece, Indonesia and French Polynesia, to name a few. And every thread is worth visiting on such a beautiful day that it will tickle you pink (sorry, we had to!).

Decide where to stop first with our list of the world’s best pink sand beaches.

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1. Horseshoe Bay Beach, Bermuda

Pink Beach Sand

Horseshoe Bay Beach features the lush turquoise waters we dream of during winter. However, what this strand is most famous for is its pastel pink sand. Colored by squashed sea creatures and shells, this South Bermuda beach is a photographer’s utopia.

One of the best beaches in Bermuda, yeah? The beautiful beach draws many tourists (especially those who arrive on cruise ships), so don’t expect quiet. Get there early to get a good spot during peak season (May to October). Do not worry! You will have fun no matter the crowd.

Named after its shape, Horseshoe Bay is surrounded by limestone cliffs, reefs perfect for snorkeling, and coastal trails that lead to other beaches in the area. A lifeguard is on duty during peak season, and there is a concession stand to keep you satisfied. Sun loungers and water sports equipment can be rented.

2. Elafonissi Beach, Greece

Pink Beach Sand

Elafonissi Beach, Greece

A picturesque beach located on its island in the southwest corner of the beautiful island of Crete, this is where you will find serenity and the pink sand you have been looking for. Speaking of sand, it’s a mix of pale pink and white, and it’s one of the softest bases you’ll find on the beaches that line the Mediterranean Sea.

It is easy to traverse the water from the mainland (especially at low tide) to reach this beautiful wonder, one of Crete’s best beaches. The area is protected, which helps to maintain its natural beauty.

Kids will love splashing in the warm, clear blue waters of the lagoons that surround the shoreline. Be careful, though; it can get quite windy.

3. Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

Pink Sands Beach photos: unique combination of pink sand and blue water |  TripAways
Pink Beach Sand

Pink Sands Beach covers three miles of shoreline on tranquil Harbor Island, located just a mile and a half north of Eleuthra. The sand is truly pink in this Bahamian paradise thanks to crushed microscopic marine insects, known as foraminifera and shells.

What makes this beach so popular (besides its pink sand) is the calm water that laps up the shore. Thanks to a large reef off the coast, the waves are small and the water shallow, making it a perfect place for little ones to have fun and divers to explore.

Don’t be surprised if you see horse riders jogging along the beach; they take advantage of the cool sand (never hot enough to burn your feet) and picturesque views.

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4. Pink Beach on Komodo Island

Pink Beach Sand

The closer you get to the crystal blue water, the rosier the sand becomes at aptly named Pink Beach on Indonesia’s Komodo Island. Stunningly beautiful, this beach is what dreams Are made of. It is no wonder that it is known as one of the best beaches in Indonesia.

The foraminifera shells combine to create the magnificent blush sand, while the lush green trees and rugged mountains meet on the shore. It is set in the fascinating UNESCO World Heritage siteKomodo National Park, and you may see a Komodo dragon or two looming around the area.

Getting here is not easy, but many resorts and tourist companies offer boat trips to take you to this wonderful coastline. Remember to pack water, a bathing suit, a towel, and snorkeling gear – the reefs are amazing.

5. Crane Beach, Barbados

Pink Beach Sand

Crane Beach is one of the best beaches in Barbados. Once you see the stunning contrast between its pale pink sand, deep turquoise water, and a lush coconut grove, you’ll understand why.

The best way to get here is via the luxurious hilltop retreat, The Crane Resort. You will have to go down 98 steps or travel in a glass elevator (yes, please). There is also an entrance at the other end of the beach. Be prepared to cross a rocky road.

Guests of the resort receive free parasols and sun loungers, which others can rent for a fee. One thing you can’t get on-site is surfboards, a shame considering the impressive waves that make this a known destination for surfboards. If you expect to ride them anyway, BYOB – bring your surfboard.

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6. Pink beaches of Barbuda

Pink Beach Sand

The most romantic beaches in Barbuda are tinge with Valentine’s Day pink. Famous 17-mile Beach is particularly dreamy and offers couples a serene, often secluded spot to sunbathe. Clear aquamarine water bathes the flushed shore, tinted a pale pink, especially near where the gentle waves crown the shoreline.

Barbuda has the advantage of not being discovered by tourists, leaving its long, pink beaches practically intact. It makes it the perfect destination for those who eschew the skyscrapers and booming nightlife in favor of a more peaceful and ‘real’ beach experience.

Located just north of Antigua, this charming little island also offers an impressive array of marine life to explore with snorkeling or scuba diving through the crystal clear Caribbean Sea (to the southwest) or the slightly more rugged Atlantic Ocean (to the east).

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7. Tangsi Beach, Indonesia

Pink Beach Sand

Indonesia is full of some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. One of its less prominent, somewhat secluded, and most beautiful strands is Tangsi Beach. This beautiful pink gem is located on the southeastern tip of Lombok, a small island that sits next to Bali and boasts captivating views of Mount Rinjani.

Snorkeling is popular here, as the coral reefs lie just off the blushing shores. Speaking of coasts, the sand here is a dazzling pink. Unlike other beaches on this list that may have a pinkish hue, Tangsi Beach (also known as Pink Beach to tourists) is undeniably colorful.

The water is calm, making it a perfect destination for swimming with children. Unless you’re planning to visit during the big vacation, you won’t have to fight the crowds for a spot on pastel sand. Tip: The best time to take photos is early in the morning when the colors are at their brightest.

8. Beaches of the Great Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

Pink Beach Sand

Greater Santa Cruz Island, Philippines

A beautiful piece of paradise is located just over two miles south of Zamboanga City in the Philippines. Pale pink sand surrounds the island of Greater Santa Cruz, a protected marine reserve that offers visitors a quiet and beautiful respite from its noisy neighbor.

A 15-minute boat trip from Zamboanga can only reach the islandYou will have to organize your trip at the local tourist office at least one day in advance, as only a certain number of visitors are allowed, and they can only be present between 8 am and 2 pm every day.

While most visit this island to enjoy the unique sandy beaches, many participate in organized tours of the mangrove lagoon, including up-close encounters with some of the most incredible wildlife in the area. Swimming is not a popular activity due to the rough waters, especially during the afternoon.

Tip: You will not find concessions on this beautiful island, so bring your snacks and be prepared to take the garbage with you.

9. Pfeiffer Beach, California

5 of the Best State Parks In California - Camping World
Pink Beach Sand

What’s better than a beach with pink-tinged sand? One that also features shades of purple and stunning rocky views. One of the most beautiful beaches in California, Pfeiffer Beach sits within Pfeiffer State Park in legendary Big Sur, surrounded by towering cliffs and massive climbing rocks.

Keyhole Rock is one of the most photo-worthy sections of this offbeat section. Its bow, which has been worn down by years from being hit by waves of saltwater, offers photographers a perfect subject, especially during sunset.

While swimming isn’t a great option (the waves are fierce and the currents strong), there are many other ways to keep busy. Build a sandcastle tinted pink and purple, climb the giant rocks, or look for the natural caves dotted throughout the area.

Hint: The colorful sand, caused by manganese garnet deposits found on nearby hills, is much darker in the more humid sections (i.e., near where the waves break onshore).

10. Ses Illetes beach, Spain

Playa de Ses Illetes in Formentera: 76 reviews and 299 photos
Pink Beach Sand

Pink sand and clear water at Playa de Illetes

While Playa de Ses Illetes may appear white from afar, you won’t need pink glasses to see its pale pink hue up close. It is located in Formentera, one of the most unspoiled and peaceful of the beautiful Balearic Islands of Spain.

Those looking for a quiet beach holiday will be happy to have chosen this beautiful location over the busiest (and much noisier) beaches in Ibiza and Mallorca. This idyllic beach may be quiet, but you can find plenty of glitter floating along the deep blue water right off the sand. Big luxury yachts love to play in this area.

The beach is within a conservation area, which helps protect its perfect shoreline. It also has places that rent water sports equipment and some award-winning restaurants that serve fresh food you’ll want to savor.

Expert Tip: These restaurants have steep prices, so you may want to pack food for the day.

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11. Pink Beach, Bonaire

Pink Beach (Bonaire) - 2021 All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go (with  Photos) - Tripadvisor
Pink Beach Sand

Sunset at Pink Beach in Bonaire

Pink Beach is another blushing beauty located on Bonaire, a small island in the Dutch part of the Caribbean. With a narrow strip of sand flanked in part by swaying palm trees, this strand is as pretty as a postcard, thanks to the millions of crushed foraminifera shells that give it its rosy hue.

Snorkeling and diving are the preferred activities due to the calm, clear waters and vibrant reefs. A kaleidoscope of blues becomes clearer as they reach shore, making it a wonderful place to come face to face with sea creatures. Don’t miss the Bonaire National Marine Park, one of the best diving spots in the Caribbean.

Expert Tip: Watch where you step! Stingrays like to mosey along the shallow sandy bottom, which adds to the attractiveness of the area.

What causes pink sand beaches?

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Pink Beach Sand

Pink sand beaches get their color from thousands of broken coral pieces, shells, and calcium carbonate materials left behind by foraminifera (tiny sea creatures with red and pink shells) that live in nearby coral reefs.

Is there a beach with pink sand?

Harbour Island is most renowned for its beautiful Pink Sand Beach, located along its eastern Atlantic Ocean side. It almost seems endless, stretching for some three plus miles, and it is 50 to 100 feet wide.

Is pink sand rare?

You may have heard of white and black sand beaches, but what about shores with pink sands? Though rare, several pink sand beaches can be found in countries around the world, including Greece and Indonesia.

What state has pink sand?

You don’t have to travel to the Caribbean to sink your toes into a pink sand beach – there’s a gorgeous one right here in America. California’s Pfeiffer Beach is a stunning stretch of purplish-pink sand that is one of the West Coast’s best hidden gems. Pink sand beaches are a rarity; there are only a few in the world

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