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15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Spain 2022

Places To Visit In Spain

15 Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Spain 2022

Spain is a country on the Iberian Peninsula of Europe, consisting of 17 autonomous regions with diverse geography and cultures. The Royal Palace is located in the capital city of Madrid and the Prado Museum, housing works by European masters. Segovia has a medieval castle (the Alcázar) and an intact Roman aqueduct. Catalonia’s capital, Barcelona, ​​is defined by Antoni Gaudí’s fictional modernist monuments such as the Church of the Sagrada Familia. Places To Visit In Spain

There are unique destinations in Spain that you have not had the opportunity to visit yet, dream places that seem taken from a story and perfect to meet as a couple and enjoy together the sensations that call them causes. Here we leave you the 15 fairytale places in Spain that you cannot stop seeing. Places To Visit In Spain

1. Besalú, back to medieval times, advertising

Places To Visit In Spain

This town is located in the province of Girona, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, which takes the visitor back to the Middle Ages. From its entrance through a fortified bridge, you can begin to appreciate the wonders that await us within its walls. A unique place that has a remarkable architectural heritage. The tourist offer offers, among other activities to share with your partner, dramatized visits through the streets of the home. Places To Visit In Spain

2. Hayo de Otzarreta, an enchanted forest

Places To Visit In Spain

It is one of the forests where you can breathe the most magic of the Peninsula; its corners are indeed a fairy tale. This place is located within the Gorbea National Park, between the provinces of Álava and Vizcaya. The whole area is full of hundred-year-old beech trees with large trunks and roots that emerge from the ground covered by green moss that give it that great appearance. A place, without a doubt, where you can walk and admire with your partner. Places To Visit In Spain

3. Cudillero, sailor charm – Places To Visit In Spain

Places To Visit In Spain

The town is located in the Principality of Asturias. A small Asturian fishing village that even has its language, the “pixie”. This picturesque fishing village is nestled between the Cantabrian Sea and the mountains and is made up of typical coloured houses that give the sea the appearance of a theatre. You can get lost with your partner in its narrow streets, visit its port and taste the catch the day in some of its restaurants. Places To Visit In Spain

4. Ronda, the Andalusian dream – Places To Visit In Spain

Places To Visit In Spain

A typical Andalusian “white town” where time seems to have stopped. This town, located in the interior of  Malaga, in the so-called Serranía de Ronda, is nestled on a plateau and a large cut carved in the stone that makes it have this picturesque aspect in which the town is perched on an impressive precipice. In Ronda, you can enjoy walks through the traditional streets of Andalusian houses, cobbled floors and taste Ronda’s cuisine. Places To Visit In Spain

5. Albarracín, history and nature

Places To Visit In Spain

We find this municipality in Teruel, Aragon, a town surrounded by walls that culminate in a fantastic castle. The city is carved out of a rock where you can see its hanging houses. The former capital of the Taifa kingdom preserves all the charm of the Islamic and the medieval combination. It has numerous monuments to visit and nearby natural places to enjoy active tourism that will not leave you and your partner indifferent. Places To Visit In Spain

6. Las Catedrales beach, Galician paradise

Places To Visit In Spain

Its enclave is located in the Galician municipality of Ribadeo, Lugo . It is about beautiful cliffs, and its tourist name is due to the shape of its rock formations of arches and caves that are reminiscent of the architecture of a cathedral, and that can be appreciated during the low sea. To visit it in the summer season with your partner, you will have to book the passes on the Xunta de Galicia website. For the increase in visitors for a few years, the visit has been restricted with daily capacity. If you go to the area, take the opportunity to delight yourself with some of the Galician gastronomic offers to crown this perfect plan as a couple. Places To Visit In Spain

7. La Isleta del Moro, pirate coast – Places To Visit In Spain

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

The Cabo de Gata Natural Park in Almería is a small fishing village framed by an islet and a massive rock from which it receives its name. Arab visitors and merchants and pirates frequented it in ancient times, and its architecture proves it. We recommend that you enjoy with your partner its relaxing Mediterranean beach as well as its tapas and fish in one of its gastronomic places and the wonderful nearby beaches. Its sunsets with views of the coast are truly unforgettable. Places To Visit In Spain

8. Aranjuez, a very stately walk

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape in 2001, Aranjuez was a place of monarchs and nobles in the 18th century. A charming place in Madrid to visit its Royal Palace, the Casa del Labrador or the museum of Royal Faluas (luxurious boats). You can stroll through the majestic gardens full of lakes, pavilions and classical-style statues, all surrounded by spectacular flora. You cannot stop trying their typical products; asparagus and strawberries from its historic orchards. A day in Aranjuez with your partner will make you feel like a true queen. Places To Visit In Spain

9. Park Güell, modernist fantasy – Places To Visit In Spain

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

Undoubtedly one of the places to visit if you go to the city of Barcelona. Park Güell is one of the most peculiar parks in the world. The park reflects the architectural and artistic fullness of the greatest exponent of Catalan modernism, Antonio Gaudí. Inspired by the organic forms of nature and the perfection of geometries, it is one of the author’s great works. The park has an area of ​​about 18 hectares where you can lose yourself with your partner and stop in its peculiar and colourful corners to admire the city from above. You can’t stop taking a selfie next to its most famous space, the salamander-shaped fountain. Places To Visit In Spain

10. Caves of Drach, journey to the interior of the earth

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

On the island of Mallorca, more specifically in the municipality of Manacor, you will find this wonder of nature. These underground caves are one of the leading natural tourist attractions. About 1,200 meters in length and a depth of up to 25 meters below the surface that hide inside a large underground lake considered one largest underground lake in the world. Without a doubt, a unique and incomparable space to visit with your partner and where you can enjoy an underground concert or a romantic boat trip. Places To Visit In Spain

11. Playa del Charco Azul, bathing in a unique place.

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

One of the most spectacular bathing areas is located on the Isla del Hierro, Canary Islands. It is a series of natural pools nestled in an area of ​​volcanic rock. Easily accessible on foot, you and your partner can enjoy a unique bath in its crystal clear waters. It also has a solarium area, hammocks, umbrellas and a small bar where you can have a snack. The beauty of the surrounding landscape can be enjoyed while taking a refreshing swim in this Places To Visit In Spain

12. The Madrid of the Habsburgs guarantees romanticism.

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

This part of the city had particular relevance. It flourished thanks to the court’s presence during the almost two centuries that the Habsburg dynasty lasted in Spain. Its name is given to this vast area of ​​Madrid, which partially includes the administrative districts of Sol and Palacio. You can start to visit this area circularly, following a circular route starting from the Plaza Mayor, passing through the Almudena Cathedral and ending with a drink at the San Miguel Market or at one of the most traditional taverns in Madrid. If we do it in the afternoon, at sunset, it will be a fantastic and romantic walk to enjoy as a couple. Places To Visit In Spain

Along with the Habsburgs, Spain was one of the most significant political and military powers in Europe and the world in the 16th and 17th centuries. During the Habsburg period, Spain ushered in the Spanish Golden Age of art and literature, with some of the world’s most outstanding writers, painters, and influential intellectuals, including Teresa of Villa, Pedro Calderón de la Barca, Miguel de Cervantes, Francisco de Quevedo was involved. Diego was involved. Velazquez, El Greco, Domingo de Soto, Francisco Suarez and Francisco de Vittoria. Places To Visit In Spain

Spain or “Spain”, in this term referring to Spanish territories in various continents, initially covered the entire Iberian Peninsula, including the kingdoms of Aragon, Castile, León, Navarre, and from 1580 on Portugal.

13. Olite, a place of princes and princesses

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

The medieval town of Olite is located in the Community of Navarra. Famous for the beauty of its medieval streets and for having an authentic fairytale castle. Suppose you want to enjoy an authentic medieval experience with your partner. In that case, you have to take advantage of its broad cultural schedule full of activities such as markets of yesteryear, attended by artisan producers, tasting of medieval skewers, dramatized visits to the Royal Palace, conferences, and historical events representations. During Napoleon’s French invasion of 1813, his monument (except the church) was heavily damaged by fire by General Espoj y Mina, which was not intended to be captured by French troops. It was extensively restored from 1937, returning to its original appearance in works that lasted 30 years. Nevertheless, the varied architectural decoration of its interior and exterior gardens was lost. In Spain

14. Granada, dreamland – Places To Visit In Spain

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

Among other personalities, Hemingway, Alejandro Dumas, Shakespeare and Antonio Machado fell in love with the city that today continues to arouse passions. The famous painter Henri Matisse said, “Granada moves to the point of undoing and melting all the senses”. We can imagine what it is like to walk through its streets, the Jewish quarter, taste the typical Moroccan cuisine, drink some of its exotic teas or admire the city from the San Nicolás viewpoint at sunset. You cannot miss the incredible Alhambra and all its palaces and gardens. We recommend a night visit to the Nasrid Palaces and Gardens and the Generalife Palace for a romantic visit as a couple; seeing the Alhambra with night lighting will leave you breathless.

Spain is a country with a fantastic mix of art, culture and architecture. It has a lot of beautiful cities and towns that differ in culture, language, climate and customs. Some popular cities include Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Saragossa, Valencia, Granada, and Seville. The weather in Spain can vary from region to region. The northern part is very wet and green. At the same time, southern Spain, the Balearic Islands, and the Canary Islands have hot summers and mild winters, thus making it popular for vacationers worldwide.
I love Spain because it is sunny, the Spanish language and music are pleasant, there are many breathtaking views, smiling people and finally my favourite clothing store, “Mango”, is from Spain.

15. Soria, dreaming along the Duero path

Places To Visit In Spain
Places To Visit In Spain

Although the most recommended time to do this beautiful walk is in Autumn, you can also appreciate its beauty at any other time of the year. You can find peace and tranquillity as a couple walks along the banks of the Douro River along the beautiful path of golden poplars and between the ruins of the Templar monastery of San Polo and San Saturio. At the other end of the course is the monastery of San Juan de Duero, at the foot of the enigmatic Monte de las Ánimas, where Bécquer was inspired by the plot for some of his legends.

What is the prettiest place in Spain?

  • Castellfollit de la Roca, Catalonia.
  • San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria. 
  • Cadaqués, Catalonia. 
  • Alcalá del Júcar, Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Cudillero, Asturias. 
  • Sóller, Mallorca. 
  • Mogarraz, Castile and Léon. Architectural Landmark.
  • Ronda, Andalusia. Natural Feature, Historical Landmark

What are some unique places in Spain?

10 Most Unusual Attractions in Spain
Valley of Fall.
Caminito del Rey.
Tabernas, Almeria.
Cetanil de las Bodegas.
Museo Atlántico Lanzarote, Canary Islands.
La Tomatina Festival.
Limit Zero: Leave Spain by zipline.
Restaurant El Diablo.

Where is the bluest water in Spain?

Cala Macarellata in Spain: The turquoise water and pristine white sand found in this cove are world-famous. To see more of the most apparent bodies of water in the world, click! Find this Pin and more on Travel by House Beautiful.

Is Madrid safe at night?

Madrid is very safe at night. Madrilenians stay up very late, and many go to dinner at 10 pm or later. So the streets at that time will be full of people. If you are the only one on the street, go to a road with many people because there is security in numbers.

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