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15 Tourist Attractions Things To Do In Galagposa 2022

Things To Do In Galagposa

15 Tourist Attractions Things To Do In Galagposa 2022

Galapagos is a province of Ecuador in the island region of the country, located about 1,000 km off the western coast of the mainland. The capital is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno Things To Do In Galagposa

The Galapagos Islands are a territory to immerse yourself in the most unusual of planetary biodiversity. Do not stop doing these 15 things in the beautiful Ecuadorian archipelago. Things To Do In Galagposa

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1. Dive and surf on Santa Cruz Island – Things To Do In Galagposa

Things To Do In Galagposa

This island, named in honour of the Christian cross, is the seat of the most significant human conglomerate in the Galapagos and home to Darwin Station, the main research centre on the islands. It also houses the central dependencies of the Galapagos Islands National Park.

Santa Cruz Island has a formidable population of turtles, flamingos, and iguanas and offers attractive surfing and diving places.

In the mangrove near the spectacular beach of Tortuga Bay, you can swim by observing turtles, marine iguanas, multicoloured crabs and reef sharks. Things To Do In Galagposa

2. Get to know the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Things To Do In Galagposa

The station came to the fore in the world in the wake of the life-threatening odyssey of Lone George, the last specimen of the Giant Pinta Tortoise, who stubbornly refused to mate with other species for 40 years until it died in 2012, becoming extinct.

A young English naturalist named Charles Darwin spent more than three years on land in the Galapagos Islands on the second voyage of the HMS Beagle, and his observations would be fundamental to his revolutionary Theory of Evolution. Things To Do In Galagposa

Currently, the Darwin Station on Santa Cruz Island is the main biological research centre of the Galapagos Islands.

3. Remember the pioneers on Floreana Islands

Things To Do In Galagposa

In 1832, during the first government of Juan José Flores, Ecuador annexed the Galapagos Islands and the sixth island in size were named in honour of the president. However, it is also named Santa María, in memory of Columbus’s caravel. Things To Do In Galagposa

It was the first island to be inhabited by a daring German, an emulate of Robinson Crusoe. Over time, a small conglomerate formed in front of Bahía de Correos because the pioneers received and delivered the correspondence using a barrel pulled alternately from land and ships.

It has beautiful populations of pink flamingos and sea turtles. In the Corona del Diablo, the cone of a submerged volcano, coral reefs with rich biodiversity.

4. Observe iguanas on Baltra Island – Things To Do In Galagposa

Things To Do In Galagposa

The British Navy officer, Lord Hugh Seymour, who died in 1801, named an island of 27 square kilometres Baltra, but the origin of the name was taken to his grave. Baltra is also called South Seymour.

In Baltra is the main airport of the Galapagos, built by the US during World War II to ensure that German ships did not make a long detour to attack the country’s west coast. Things To Do In Galagposa

Now the airport is used by tourists, who can see impressive land iguanas in Baltra. Things To Do In Galagposa

Baltra is separated only 150 meters from Santa Cruz Island by a channel of clear waters through which tourist boats circulate among sea lions.

5. Admire the flightless cormorant at Fernandina

Things To Do In Galagposa

The island that celebrates the Spanish monarch Fernando el Catolico is the third-largest active volcano. In 2009, the 1,494-meter-high volcano erupted, emitting ash, steam and lava, which ran down its slopes and into the sea.

There is a strip of land on the island that reaches the sea called Punta Espinoza, where marine iguanas gather in large colonies. Things To Do In Galagposa

Fernandina is the habitat of the rare flightless cormorant or cormorant of the Galapagos. This unusual animal only lives on the islands and is the only one of its kind that lost the ability to fly.

6. Stand on the very equator of the Earth on Isabela Island.

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

Isabel la Católica also has her island, by far the largest in the archipelago, with 4,588 square km, representing 60% of the entire territory of the Galapagos.

It is made up of 6 volcanoes, five active, which seem to form a single mass. The highest volcano in the archipelago, Wolf, is 1,707 meters above sea level.

Isabela is the only island in the archipelago crossed by the imaginary equatorial line or parallel “zero degrees” of latitude. Things To Do In Galagposa

Among its more than two thousand human inhabitants live cormorants, frigates with a showy redbreast, boobies, canaries, Galapagos hawks, Galapagos pigeons, finches, flamingos, tortoises and land iguanas.

Isabela was a harsh criminal, and that time is remembered with the Wall of Tears, a wall built by the prisoners.

7. See the only seagull that hunts at night on Genovesa Island.

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

The names of the Galapagos Islands are related to the great characters in the history of overseas travel, and this island honours the Italian city where Columbus was supposedly born.

It has a crater in the centre of which is Lake Arturo, with saltwater. It is the island with the largest population of birds and is also called the “Island of the Birds”. Things To Do In Galagposa

From a plateau called El Barranco, you can see red-footed boobies, masked boobies, lava gulls, swallows, Darwin’s finches, petrels, pigeons and the excellent earwig gull, unique with nocturnal hunting habits.

8. Surprise yourself with a piece of Mars on Earth in Rabida Island

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

The Monastery of La Rábida, in Palos de la Frontera, Huelva, was where Columbus stayed to plan his first trip to the New World, hence the name of this island.

It is an active volcano, less than 5 square km in area, and the high content of iron in the lava gives the island its peculiar reddish colour as if it were a paradisiacal piece of Mars on Earth.

Even in the remote Galapagos Islands, located almost a thousand km from continental America, invasive species endanger the rest of the biodiversity. Things To Do In Galagposa

On Rabida Island, a goat species had to be eradicated, responsible for the extinction of rice rats, iguanas and geckos. Things To Do In Galagposa

9. Admire the Arch on Darwin Island – Things To Do In Galagposa

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

This tiny island of minor more than a square km is the end of a submerged and extinct volcano, which rises 165 meters above the water.

Less than a km from the insular coast, there is a rocky structure called the Darwin Arch, reminiscent of the Arch of Los Cabos in Baja California Sur.

It is frequented by divers, given its rich marine life, with dense schools of fish, sea turtles, dolphins and stingrays. Its waters also attract the whale shark and the black tip. Things To Do In Galagposa

Darwin Island is also the habitat of seals, frigates, boobies, furriers, marine iguanas, earwig gulls and sea lions.

10. Take a photo of The Pinnacle on Bartolomé Island.

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

The island owes its name to Sir James Sulivan Bartholomew, a British Navy officer, Darwin’s close friend and companion on his scientific adventure in the Galapagos.

Although it is only 1.2 square km, it is home to one of the most representative natural monuments of the Galapagos Islands, El Pinnacle Rock, a triangular structure that remains an ancient volcanic cone. Things To Do In Galagposa

On Bartolomé Island, there is a large colony of the Galapagos penguin and divers, and snorkelers swim in their company. Another attraction of this island is the varied colours of its soils, with red, orange, black and green tones.

11. Observe the biodiversity of North Seymour Island

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

This 1.9 square km island arose as a result of the rise of lava from an underwater volcano. It has a runway that runs through it for almost its entire length. Things To Do In Galagposa

The main species of its fauna are the blue-footed booby, earwig gulls, land iguanas, sea lions and frigates.

Land iguanas descend from specimens brought in the 1930s from Baltra Island by Captain G. Allan Hancock.

12. Swim in Isla Santiago – Things To Do In Galagposa

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

It was baptized in honour of the patron apostle of Spain and is also called San Salvador, after the name given by Columbus to the first place he arrived in America.

It is the fourth in size among the archipelago islands, and a volcanic dome dominates its topography with small cones around it.

One of its most exciting places in Sullivan Bay, with curious rock formations of great geological interest and areas for swimming and diving.

13. Stop at the place where Darwin arrived on Isla San Cristóbal.

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

San Cristóbal has its island in the Galapagos for being the patron of travellers and sailors. It is the fifth in size, with 558 square km and in it is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, a city of about 6 thousand inhabitants that is the archipelago’s capital. Things To Do In Galagposa

It houses the Laguna del Junco in a crater, the largest body of fresh water in the Galapagos. Darwin stepped on this island’s first point of land in his famous trip, and a monument commemorates it.

Apart from its rich biodiversity, the island has citrus and coffee plantations. In addition, it is a lobster centre.

14. Meet the land of Solitaire George on Isla Pinta – Things To Do In Galagposa

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

It is this island with the name of a caravel. Lone George was discovered in 1971 when it was already thought that his species had become extinct. Things To Do In Galagposa

It is the northernmost island of the Galapagos and has an area of ​​60 square km. It was home to a large population of turtles, which was affected by intense volcanic activity.

Currently living on Isla Pinta are marine iguanas, fur seals, earwig gulls, hawks and other birds and mammals.

15. Find out about the greatest mystery of the archipelago in Isla Marchena.

Things To Do In Galagposa
Things To Do In Galagposa

It was named in honour of Antonio de Marchena, a friar of La Rábida and great confidant and supporter of Columbus. It is the seventh island in size and a paradise for divers. Things To Do In Galagposa

One would not expect to encounter an “urban legend” in the Galapagos, but this island was the scene of the greatest mystery in the islands’ history. Things To Do In Galagposa

In the late 1920s, Eloise Wehrborn, an Austrian woman nicknamed the Empress of the Galapagos, lived on Floreana Island.

Eloise had several lovers, including a German named Rudolf Lorenz. Eloise and another lover are suspected of having Lorenz murdered, escaping without a trace. Lorenz’s body is found astonishingly mummified on Isla Marchena. The cold and volcanic ash favoured mummification.

What activities can you do in Galapagos?

Diving with a mask and a snorkel. A highlight for many visitors to the Galapagos Islands, snorkelling is a chance to get up close and personal with the ocean’s wildlife. ,
Hiking. ,
Sea Kayaking. ,
Surfing. ,
Horse riding. ,
Mountain biking.
Scuba diving. ,
dinghy ride

What should not be missed in the Galapagos?

Six things not to do in the Galapagos
Don’t ignore your Galapagos guide.
Do not bring plastic.
Remember the rules of the Galapagos National Park (PNB).
Do not visit the Galapagos as part of an island-hopping land tour.
Don’t try to cram it in less than five days.
Do not go there unless you are a nature lover.

What is the main attraction of the Galapagos?

One of the best-known creatures of the Galapagos Islands is the giant tortoise, and one of the best places in the region to see them is at Rancho Primicias. Located on Santa Cruz Island, about 13 miles from Puerto Ayora, this private wildlife sanctuary is filled with giant tortoises.

Why you should visit the Galapagos ?

The Galapagos is a unique place on this planet. This archipelago of volcanic islands is home to many endemic species and is, therefore, one of the most secure environments a traveller can visit. But the islands aren’t just about wildlife

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