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20 Wonderful Places To See In Asturias, Spain 2023

20 Wonderful Places To See In Asturias, Spain 2023

20 Wonderful Places To See In Asturias, Spain 2023

This list of the best places to see in Asturias will help you not miss anything important in this community that falls in love at first sight due to its fantastic landscapes, charming towns, and emblematic cities.

Located in the north of Spain, this region brings together everything a traveler looks for in a trip, from natural wonders, wild beaches surrounded by imposing cliffs, towns anchored in the past, monuments declared World Heritage Sites, and cities to lose yourself in their centers.

Historical as well as varied gastronomy, with some star dishes such as Asturian fabada, scorpionfish cake, and cachepot, among many others, which are always accompanied by freshly poured cider lines, leave the best taste in the mouth.

To get to know all its points of interest, we recommend you rent a car and invest between 7 and 10 days, a time that will give you the freedom to stop at different natural viewpoints and reach secluded beaches.

The best time to travel to Asturias is between April and October, when it rains less frequently and the weather is more pleasant. However, if you want to get more affordable accommodation prices, especially in the more touristy towns on the coast, we recommend you avoid July and August since these months are the most crowded.

Based on the experience of the trip we made through this community, after which we wrote this route through Asturias by car in 7 days, and this Asturias guide, we have made a list of what we think are the 18 essential places to visit in Asturias. Let’s start!

1. Columbus

Places To See In Asturias

If you come by car from Cantabria, one of the best things to do in Asturias is to start the route by visiting the town of Colombres, which has some of the most beautiful Indian houses in the north of the Iberian Peninsula.

It is worth investing about two hours in doing the route of the Indian houses built by locals who emigrated to the Americas in the second half of the 19th century, mainly Cuba, to make their fortune and return to their hometown, building large modernist-style mansions and eclectic, to finish in the fascinating Immigration Museum.

2. Llanes, one of the places to see in Asturias

Bordering the coast, you will pass through different beaches, such as Ballota and the interior of Cobijero, until you reach Llanes, one of Asturias’s most beautiful fishing villages.

This town, which has the title of “Very noble and loyal town,” impresses with its beautiful beaches. This historical center houses a crucial monumental heritage. Its large Indian mansions where films such as “El Orfanato” have been filmed, its fishing port, and its delicious gastronomy make it an ideal holiday destination for the whole family or a couple.

In addition, we recommend you not to miss one of our favorite corners of Llanes, the Paseo de San Pedro, which runs parallel to the rugged coast and begins by going up the beautiful Playa de El Sablón until reaching the Islote el Peñón viewpoint.

And, of course, you can take advantage of the photogenic Playa de Toro, dotted with sharp rocks and located a 15-minute walk from the center, in addition to completing this list of important places to see in Llanes.

3. Gulpiyuri Beach

On the way to Ribadesella, you will go through idyllic beaches such as Poo and Torimbia until you reach the stunning inland beach of Gulpiyuri, which is more beautiful than Cobijero and is located among the best beaches in Asturias.

This beach, with no exit to the sea, falls in love with its crystalline blue waters that filter through the cracks in the cliffs when the tide rises and its golden crescent-shaped sand, as well as being surrounded by a beautiful green environment.

It must be taken into account that this and other famous beaches in Asturias are filled to the brim in summer, so it is highly recommended to arrive early.

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4. Jesters of Pría

After bathing in the spectacular Cuevas del Mar beach, full of rock formations eroded by the sea, creating caves and tunnels, you can stop to listen to the Jesters of Pría, another of the most amazing places to see in Asturias.

These jesters are a natural phenomenon produced by the erosion of the sea and the rain in the limestone rock, giving rise to cracks through which powerful water jets come out when the sea is rough.

5. Ribadesella

Ribadesella, located at the mouth of the Sella river and famous for the Descent of the Sella festival, which is held in August, is another of our favorite towns to visit in Asturias.

After parking the car next to the bus station, we suggest a route starting with the network of streets in the old town up to the Mirador de la Cuesta, where you will have views of the entire town, in which the Church of Santa María Magdalena stands out.

Another even more spectacular viewpoint is that of the Virgen de Guía Hermitage, with views of the mouth of the Sella and the Cantabrian Sea. However, our favorite place in town is the promenade from the Port to the end of Santa Marina Beach, full of houses of Indians and other essential places to see in Ribadesella.

You can go back to the car park along the Paseo del Malecón and to the Cuevas de Tito Bustillo, which houses prehistoric paintings from 33,000 to 10,000 BC. C. and is part of the Unesco World Heritage Site, always reserving as far in advance as the number of tickets is minimal.

For the more adventurous, we advise you to book this fun Descent of the Sella River by canoe, which we are sure will not disappoint you.

Keep in mind that in this area of ​​Asturias, finding accommodation at a reasonable price in the high season is pretty challenging, so a good option is to stay in the nearby town of Camargo. We stayed at Casa de Aldea El Frade, surrounded by a magnificent natural environment and an excellent quality/price ratio.

6. Cangas de Onís

Places To See In Asturias
Places To See In Asturias

Another of the best things to do in Asturias is to stay in the town of Cangas de Onís, which has a wide range of restaurants and hotels, such as the Hotel Santa Cruz, for day trips to one of the great treasures of the Parque Nacional de the Picos de Europa such as the Lakes of Covadonga or the Ruta del Cares.

In addition to trying the most typical dishes of Asturian cuisines, such as fabada, scorpion fish cake, pixín, carbines, or cachepot in one of the best restaurants to eat in Cangas de Onís, such as La Sifonería, it is also worth knowing the main places to see in Cangas de Oníslike the fantastic Roman Bridge, located on the Sella river, which is also considered one of the emblems of Asturias, appearing both on the flag and on the shield.

7. Lakes of Covadonga

The Lakes of Covadonga, formed by two small lakes, the Enol and the Ercina, of glacial origin and located in the Picos de Europa National Park, is another of the most beautiful places to see in Asturias.

To enjoy this magnificent natural environment, we recommend that you not only stop at the two lakes but also take the popular circular route of about 6 kilometers and with little difficulty, starting at the Buferrera Parking and passing through its most photogenic spots.

And, of course, when you leave the park, it is essential to stop at the imposing Sanctuary of Covadonga, the most visited monumental complex in Asturias, in which the Holy Cave and the Basilica of Santa María stand out.

In addition, another of the best things to do in Asturias, near this area, is to go up to the Fitu viewpoint, located more than 1000 meters high and which allows you to obtain fantastic panoramic views of one of the best landscapes in the region.

Keep in mind that to access the Lakes of Covandonga, you have a bus service from the car parks located in the lower part of the massif, or you can also access by private car as long as you are in the control area of ​​the Basilica of Covadonga before 8:30 in the morning and once in the size of ​​the lakes, leave the car in one of the two parking lots located a few meters from the lakes, as long as they have not been filled before.

For more information about the park, you can consult this guide to visit the Lakes of Covadonga.

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8. Ruta del Cares, one of the things to do in Asturias

In addition to the Covadonga Lakes, the Picos de Europa National Park offers other more demanding itineraries for hiking lovers that will exceed all their expectations, such as the Ruta del Cares.

This popular route, known as the “Divine Throat,” begins in the town of Poncebos (where you can see the peak of Naranjo de Bulnes) and ends in Caín, passing for about 22 kilometers through a spectacular mountain gorge carved out by the green and crystal clear waters of the Cares River, in which you will cross bridges and tunnels, as well as being fascinated by the rocky landscape.

Although the path is not dangerous and will take about 7 hours, you must be careful not to get too close to the edges of the cliffs, wear comfortable shoes, warm and waterproof clothing, water, and food.

If you don’t have a car or prefer to go with a guide, you can book this jeep tour from Cangas de Onís or this one from Arriondas, both of which will save you the 11-kilometer return journey.

9. Fitu Viewpoint

Returning to the coast, we advise you to go by car to the Mirador del Fitu, located at the top of the Cruz de Llames, considered one of the most spectacular viewpoints to visit in Asturias.

At more than 1,100 meters high, there is a platform that offers fantastic 360-degree panoramic views of the landscapes of the Sueve Nature Reserve, the Picos de Europa National Park, and the Ponga Natural Park, as well as is the point starting point for some hiking routes such as the one that leads to the Pienzu peak.

10. Weights

Lastres (Llastres in Asturian) is a fishing village located on a steep hillside that ends in a beautiful fishing port dotted with boats ready to fish in the Cantabrian Sea and another of the important places to see in Asturias.

In this town, located among the most beautiful in Spain, it is mandatory to get lost in its network of narrow streets and always sloping, discovering its palaces, emblazoned mansions with white facades, medieval towers, old churches, and chapels, until reaching the Mirador de San Roque, which offers the best perspective of Lastres.

We recommend the port area to park, where you can easily go up to the old town via the Escaleras de la Fragua.To avoid missing anything about the town, you can complete this list of important places to see in Lastres.

11. Bowls

Bordering the coast, you will pass in front of Playa de Rodiles, one of the most extensive beaches and one of the busiest in Asturias until you reach the fishing village of Tazones.

This small town, located on the banks of the Bay of Biscay and the mouth of the Villaviciosa estuary, marvels at its old Port and cobbled streets surrounded by ancient granaries and pretty fishermen’s houses.

After taking a two-hour walk completing this list of things to see and do in Tazones, we recommend you eat delicious rice with lobster at El Portal de Tazones. You will not regret it!

12. Gijon

After visiting so many incredible towns and landscapes, one of the best things to do in Asturias to change your routine is to spend a whole day in the city of Gijón, bathed by the Cantabrian Sea and surrounded by a privileged natural environment.

This city stands out for its beautiful urban beach of San Lorenzo, the old fishermen’s quarter of Cimadevilla, the Port, and the Parque del Cerro. However, the best thing about Gijón is its people’s excellent character and the atmosphere in its cider bars.

To avoid missing anything from this city, we recommend you complete this list of what to see in Gijón and try dishes such as fabada, cachepot, chorizo ​​in cider, or scorpion fish cake in one of the best restaurants to eat in Gijón.

13. Oviedo, one of the cities to visit in Asturias

Places To See In Asturias
Places To See In Asturias

Another of the most important cities to see in Asturias is Oviedo, the capital of the Principality of Asturias, which falls in love with its beautiful pedestrian historical center, full of palaces and bourgeois houses.

After completing this list of places to see in Oviedo in one day and trying some of the local specialties in one of the best restaurants to eat in Oviedo, we advise you to take the car to visit the impressive pre-Romanesque churches, located at the foot of the mountain Naranco and declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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14. Somiedo Natural Park

The Somiedo National Park, which has a dozen glacial lakes and has been declared a Biosphere Reserve by Unesco, is another of the most beautiful places to visit in Asturias.

This park, which spans five valleys: Saliencia, Valle del Lago, Puerto and Pola de Somiedo, Perlunes, and Pigüeña, and it is five rivers with which they share their name, best represents the spectacular mountain landscapes of the region with slopes ranging from 500 meters to more than 2,000, green meadows, large beech and oak forests, and a varied fauna in which the brown bear and more than 120 species of birds such as the golden eagle or the peregrine falcon stand out.

To go on a hiking route, you can go to the Park Interpretation Center, located in Pola de Somiedo, where they will provide you with maps and all the information on the different trails.

One of the most popular routes is the Valle del Lago route, which will allow you to reach Lago del Valle, the largest in Asturias, and will take you about 3 hours, making little effort. You can extend this itinerary by doing the circular route of the Saliencia Lakes of 14 kilometers, in which you can see some of the deepest and largest lakes in the entire north of the country.

15. Trail of the Bear

Another hiking route full of incredible landscapes that begins near the Somiedo Natural Park is the Senda del Oso. This 22-kilometer stretch goes from Entrago to Tuñon and is considered another of the best things to do in Asturias.

Although it can be done on foot, one of the most common options is to rent a bike in the town of Entrago to complete the downhill itinerary passing through bridges, tunnels, and gorges surrounded by a beautiful natural environment, and then take a shuttle that takes you back.

16. Avilés, another of the places to see in Asturias

Passing through the coastal landscapes of Cabo de Peñas and Xago Beach, you will arrive at Avilés, the last city to see in Asturias and one of our favorites.

Located on both banks of an estuary, the thousand-year-old city of Avilés has one of the best-preserved medieval historic quarters in northern Spain, in which its porticoed streets stand out, as well as housing a futuristic-style complex such as the Niemeyer Center.

You can consult this list of places to see in Avilés and restaurants to eat in Avilés.

17. Cudillero, another of the towns to see in Asturias

Places To See In Asturias

Continuing along the Asturian coast, you will come across Cudillero, a picturesque fishing village that appears on all the lists of the most beautiful towns in Spain.

You will fall in love with this town at first sight due to its network of houses with reddish roofs and facades painted in bright colors, which hang from a hillside and end in a charming port.

 In addition to enjoying the views from its best viewpoints located in the upper part, we advise you to get lost in its narrow streets to find some of its architectural jewels such as the church of Santa María, the Capilla del Humilladero, the Rectory, and, above all, the Palace of the Selgas, located on the outskirts and which is known as the Versailles of Northern Spain.

After taking hundreds of photos from all cornersWhat to see in Cudillero, you can regain strength in the Casa Julio restaurant, eating any of its fish and seafood dishes, such as the delicious scallops.

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18. Beach of Silence

A few kilometers from Cudillero is Playa del Silencio or Gavieiro, one of the most spectacular beaches in Spain and one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Asturias.

After leaving the car in one of the car parks in the upper part, you can walk down a dirt road that will go you incredible views of this shell-shaped beach protected by imposing cliffs and islets of different sizes.

Very close to this beach is also Cabo Vidio, an impressive 80-meter-high cliff with the last lighthouse to be built in Asturias, and the Iglesiona, a cave formed by the erosion of the sea and that can be visited at low tide.

19. Luarca, another of the places to see in Asturias

Places To See In Asturias
Places To See In Asturias

Visiting Luarca, a charming fishing village known as “the white town of the green coast,” is another of the essential things to do in Asturias.

In this town, you cannot miss its Indian houses, the charming Port, the seven bridges, the fishermen’s neighborhood, and the iconic municipal cemetery, where one of the most illustrious residents of this town, the Nobel Prize in Medicine, is buried.

 Severo Ochoa, finish the visit by going up to La Atalaya and enjoying unique views.

If you like fishing villages, you can’t miss visiting the nearby Puerto de Vega, which falls in love with its picturesque Port with its walls, the Indian houses, and traditional mansions.

20. Taramundi

To finish this list of places to see in Asturias, we suggest you visit the isolated town of Taramundi, another of the important cities in Asturias.

Surrounded by a spectacular setting of valleys, forests, and mountains, Taramundi seems frozen in time and is perfect for spending a few days disconnected from the world in one of its stone houses with slate roofs.

What is the most beautiful place in Asturias?

Image result for Places To See In Asturias
11 Gorgeous Places To Visit In Asturias, Spain
Colombres and its Indianos Archive.
Cueva de Tito Bustillo.
Llagar de sidra “Sidra Crespo” (Colunga)
San Roque viewpoint (Lastres)

What is Asturias famous for?

Asturias is renowned for its dairy products, particularly milk, cheese and yoghurts, and has even earned the nickname of Pais de Quesos, Land of Cheeses. One of the most popular is cabrales – a blue-veined cheese made from a mixture of cow’s, goat’s and sheep’s milk

What can you visit in Asturias?

What to see in Asturias: the 25 places you have to visit

  • Natural wonders of Asturias. Lakes of Covadonga. Sanctuary of Covadonga. Descent of the Sella. …
  • Towns and cities of Asturias. Oviedo. Gijón. Llanes. …
  • Hiking in Asturias. Cares Route. The Bear’s Trail. Picos de Europa. …
  • Museums in Asturias. Fernando Alonso Museum. Jurassic Museum.

Is Asturias beautiful?

Asturias: an unknown but remarkably beautiful region of Spain! With its combination of beaches, mountain ranges, natural parks and caves, Asturias is the place to go if you can’t decide between a holiday in the mountains or at the beach.

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